A.J. Green VS Julio Jones

                        aj green v julio jones

These two studs are forever linked and will always be subject to comparison.

It all started in high school as these two highlight-reel receivers were being recruited by every SEC, ACC, and any other conference school who saw anything about them. A.J. Green committed to UGA and Julio Jones committed to Alabama. These two both arrived on campus as the focal points of their respective schools and their passing games.

Both of these young men exceeded expectations upon arrival, both sporting the same number in college, eight. These were both two very different offenses at the time. The Georgia Bulldogs had Junior gunslinger Matthew Stafford at quarterback and had a very complex passing system, whereas the Crimson Tide had more of a rushing attack as John Parker Wilson was more of a game manager and the offense was only balanced because of Jones’ deep threat ability.

aj green v julio jones 1

They both continued their careers in college and left as two of the most prolific receivers in SEC history. As their Junior seasons came to an end they both decided to forgo their Senior season to declare for the NFL Draft, together. As the draft approached, it quickly became evident that they were the top two and the best the draft had to offer since Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, formerly of Georgia Tech. The Cincinnati Bengals selected Green with the 4th overall pick and the Atlanta Falcons traded their 2011 first round, 2011 second round and their 2012 first round picks to move up to the 6th overall pick and selected Julio Jones.

aj green v julio jones 2

They, of course, lead both of their teams to a better offensive outcome, as Jones went to Atlanta and joined an offense that included Roddy White, Matt Ryan, and future Hall-of-Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez. Green joined an offense that was rebuilding and his quarterback, Andy Dalton, would actually be drafted the round behind him and both of them would go on to surprise everyone and be in contention for rookie of the year. Julio Jones has had two great years in his first two seasons in the NFL having 54 and 79 catches, respectively, 959 and 1,198 yards and 8 and 10 TDs for those years. Green has been even better his first two seasons with 65 and 97 catches, respectively, 1,057 and 1,350 yards and 7 and 11 TDs for his two seasons. So the question is simple, who would you rather have on the other end of your passing game? The answer is more complex, as both excel in different ways as receivers.

Who would you take? A.J. Green or Julio Jones? The choice is yours, well if you’re a fantasy football owner, because these guys are not going anywhere anytime soon.


Spring Practice-Georgia Tech


Vad Lee could be the answer for the Yellow Jackets.

Greetings to all, this spring the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are coming off of a bizarre year in which they won the coastal division despite their 3 conference losses. They started off the year rough with a few disheartening losses to Virginia Tech and an embarrassment to Middle Tennessee State, as they were a 27 point favorite and lost by 28. That being said, the circled the wagons and saw the light at the end of the tunnel as they heard of the possibility of Miami having to withdraw from consideration for the coastal division crown. The resilience shown was due in large part to the decision by Head Coach Paul Johnson to play Vad Lee at quarterback. This was a long awaited debut that most Tech fans had anticipated for a while due to Lee being so highly touted coming out of high school. Lee is the type of player Johnson has been waiting for and this spring is his alone, no Nesbitt, no Washington, no typical option quarterback in his way. The reason he makes the difference is his arm, which is usually the measuring tool for any quarterback in any system, this one however has been a system that demands execution of the option rather than accuracy down field. He brings what Johnson has been missing in recruiting to that position, a playmaker. He can put a throw on any receiver at anytime and will add that much needed dimension to this mundane offense. He really is the main story of the spring as far as offense goes, and hopefully Johnson can convince backup quarterback Justin Thomas to be an A-back and maybe they might add some more homerun threat ability.

The other story is the defense, of course, which had its ups and downs last year which is looking to improve after firing Al Groh from its defensive coordinator position. Ted Roof takes over and is changing the defense from the trendy 3-4 back to a more traditional 4-3 defense. This move will change where one of the jackets key players will line up, Jeremiah Attaochu will move from outside linebacker to defensive end. He will be more of a playmaker from this position and they need a gamechanger as they will be trying to find the right mix to go with. The defense is typically at a disadvantage as they have to practice everyday against Johnson’s vaunted spread triple-option attack as opposed to a pro-style offense which they typically run into during the season. They seem up for the task after stopping Southern Cal’s offense in the Sun Bowl in December. The challenge is on as spring practice continues and concludes with the spring game under the lights on Friday night April 19, 2013.