The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 2.0

Now getting deeper into the baseball season we are starting to see teams really separate themselves from one another.  There are teams already making that playoff push and becoming true contenders while others are heading for the  Let’s take a look at how teams have been doing lately and who has been standing out and who has been falling out.

The Good:

Cardinal swinging the lumber, just like the real Cardinals; picture from


St. Louis Cardinals- The ‘Red Hot’ Cards are out in front of the NL Central sitting at 35-17 and have the best record in baseball.  They are 8-2 in their last 10 games and are soaring led by their fantastic pitching.  The ageless wonder Carlos Beltran leads the team in RBIs and HRs and is making this Cardinals offense run as good as it ever has, even when they had Pujols..maybe.

Oakland A’s- The A’s are actually the hottest team in baseball having won 9 of their last 10 and continue to get it done with their no name ball club.  That’s just how Billy Bean would want it though, successful without a budget breaking payroll.  They don’t hit particularly well as a team but they do score lots of runs as they are 4th overall in baseball in runs scored meaning they get those timely hits which is really all that matters really.  They are nipping at the heals of the Rangers and looking to defend their division title.

Honorable Mention: Pittsburgh Pirates

The Bad:

Kansas City Royals- The Royals are sitting at last in the AL Central with a record of 21-29.  At one point they were 20-20 but have lost their last 9 0f 10 and have really taken a tumble.  They looked as if to be turning a corner, finally, only that to be dashed by them falling back into their ole’ Royals’ ways.  Struggling to score runs and getting on base has been killing them and you just can’t win when you can’t score.  So remember KC fans, even when you think things might be turning around just remember, you are still the Royals.


Ethier frustrated like all Dodgers; picture from


Los Angeles Dodgers- Baseball’s biggest disappointment I would have to say because of all the money put into this team and where do they sit?  That would be last in the NL West with a record of 22-29.  What is wrong with this team?  I’ll tell you what’s wrong.  It’s not the lack of star power on the team or the injuries or even the pressure of the bright lights of LA.  No, it’s as simple as this, they just don’t play good, team baseball, and when you can’t do that it doesn’t matter who is on your team, you aren’t going to win.

Honorable Mention: Cleveland Indians

The Ugly:

Houston Astros A regular to appear in the ugly section and if their lucky, maybe make it to the bad section but that’s a stretch.  What’s the Astros deal?  They just aren’t good.  They are actually in the high 20’s in runs and hitting, which is way better than I thought, they just can’t win..period.  They will be like this all year and were expected to be like this all year too so Astros’ fans brace yourself because it’s going to be a long, long bumpy ride.  Houston, we have a problem.

Marlins Park empty; picture from


Miami Marlins Oh boy, the laughing stock of the baseball world and guess what, no one feels sorry for them either, at least not feel sorry for the organization.  You kind of have to feel sorry for the players and coaches though because they don’t call the shots and play the business system of baseball, they just try to go out there and win.  Bless their hearts, they do try but like the Astros, they just aren’t good, they are even worse though, they are literally a AAA team.  They sit at 13-40, in the cellar of the NL East, last in virtually every category in baseball stats and possibly the worst team in baseball history.  Not to mention, they are on an 8 game losing streak.  When they score runs, they give up more than they have, when they don’t give up many runs, they don’t score anything.  It’s a sad sinking ship for the Marlins and will not get any better.  Only bright spots seem to be the youngsters that get to play because of all the injuries they have had to normal starters.  Other than that, nothing to look forward too, well except the day Loria is run out of Miami.

Honorable Mention:  Milwaukee Brewers


So there you have it, the good, bad and ugly that has taken place recently.  It’s been exciting to watch this baseball season and I am enjoying watching it unfold.  If your team wasn’t featured this time, there’s always next time.  As long as they are good enough, bad enough, or down right ugly, your team has got a chance.


Braves don’t put up with any Nattitude

tim hudson

Fresh off of Tim Hudson hitting his 3rd career home run, and winning his 200th career game; one thing has remained the same all year, the Braves are not going to let the Nationals beat them this year. The Braves are 5-0 so far this season against the Nats. They have faced the likes of Steven Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez, and they have not lost. This Braves team, among being one of the best in the majors, also has a well-taught sense of urgency to focus on these games more throughout the entire season, even April. The games this month are just as important as the ones in August and September, especially in this division where there are at least 3 legitimate contenders(Braves, Nationals, and Phillies).


These two studs above (Justin Upton and Evan Gattis) have been powering the middle of the lineup for this team, with 18 April home runs combined. They have been on a recent skid as of late, coming back down to earth, but these Braves are here to stay for the long haul.  Frank Wren has built a legitimate contender and when Jason Heyward comes back and can get hot as well as B.J. Upton getting going from the plate, they will continue their impressive offensive production. This team is also missing its only perennial all-star in catcher Brian McCann.

The pitching so far this season has been up and down, but the talent is there and possibly the Braves’ best pitcher is still on the DL, Brandon Beachy. He should return in the second half of the season, much like fellow teammate Kris Medlen did last season. Hopefully he can enjoy the same type of success this season.

Let’s Go Braves!!!! Braves Country is here to stay!!!

Written by Daniel, hammockd29

Boston on My Mind


In this sad time after the bombing at the Boston Marathon, it’s important to keep those affected in your thoughts and prayers.  I certainly am doing that.  Nothing can be more sickening than someone deliberately hurting people.  It makes me sick to think that there are people out there that do not take into consideration other people’s lives and don’t have any qualms over hurting or killing people.  It is truly a saddening, tragic event that tears into the hearts of everyone.

One thing you did see that does warm my heart is the people that were in there helping people get out of harms way and those doing all they could to help.  It truly shows that there is a lot of good in humanity, just a few bad eggs here and there that don’t care about those around them.  It was relieving to see all those in action doing what they could to help out and come together to take care of each other.  I think what the Yankees did during their game the other day, playing “Sweet Caroline” during their game like their hated rival the Boston Red Sox do every game, was a perfect example of no matter what differences we may have or who we may “hate” for any reason, when it comes to our country and just simply sharing the fact we are all American, we all stand together.

The search for these criminals will not cease until everyone involved in this is detained, and justice will be served to those who committed this heinous crime.  Another tragic event in our country that we will one day begin to try our best to heal from, and we will because we are Americans and very resilient, but like any tragic event that happens, we will not soon forget it.  Pray for all those affected, and keep Boston on your mind.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Happy Jackie Robinson Day everyone, a special day in baseball and American history where we remember baseball’s great who broke the color barrier back in the 1940’s.

Today will start my Good, Bad and Ugly of baseball segment.  I’ll be taking a look around the league at the high and low points so far for numerous different teams.  We are two weeks in and things are already starting to take a little shape.  Let’s see what’s been going on around the league.

The Good:

 Really Good: 130411144032-justin-upton-ap2-single-image-cut

  Atlanta Braves.  I couldn’t just rope them in with just good because they are in a class of their own right now, so I had to put them in the really good category.  The “Hot”-lanta Braves are out to their best start at 11-1 since 1994 when they started 13-1.  Justin Upton and early candidate for rookie of the year Evan Gattis are tearing it up and no doubt leading the Braves on offense.  They both are hitting for power and average and every one else in the lineup is chipping in here and there with their hits and run production.  The Braves are sweeping everything in sight as they have already amassed 3 sweeps this year, the most recent an impressive one against the “juggernaut” Nationals.  This Braves team can pitch, they can hit, and they can play defense.  They will hit their rough stretch like everyone but this has to be the best team right now and with what they are showing, is there any doubt about it?


  Oakland Athletics.   Division leading A’s are out to a quiet 9-4 start.  They were on their own win streak at 9 games before dropping the last 2 to fall to 9-4.  They are once again a Billy Bean group of no household names just getting the job done, but that’s how they like it in Oakland.  They continue to pitch well and getting timely hitting to just edge out most of their opponents.  This team is showing early that last year was no fluke and they are determined to win the AL West.  You can surely see it early on at this point.  Don’t sleep on this team because they could very well take this division again, especially if the favorite in the division continues to wallow in the next category on this list.

 buster posey San Francisco Giants.  The division leading Giants are at it again and just out pitching everyone and out timely hitting everyone.  Them and their cross bay rival A’s are a lot alike with the exception of the Giants having a few more household names.  Buster Posey and “The Kung Fu Panda” Pablo Sandoval are at it again to lead this offense for the Giants.  Their pitching staff is yet again top-notch with Matt Cain leading the way and Barry Zito pitching rather well again.  They are certainly looking every part of a team looking to make a run at defending their World Series title.


The Bad:josh hamilton

  Los Angeles Angels.  A favorite pick for many people, including myself, to win the World Series, the Angels have done nothing to make me feel good about that.  They sit at 4-8 and if it wasn’t for a recent series against Houston to try to get on track, they could have well wound up in my ugly segment.  As it is, they salvaged that series and were able to get some traction offensively.  Hamilton finally got his first home run and Trout finally started to get it going too.  Their pitching staff took a hit with the loss of Jered Weaver and their staff already wasn’t pitching that well.  So you have to think this is going to hurt.  It is early so they do have time to get it going but they better start soon.

  Toronto Blue JaysAnother favorite to win the World Series, the Blue Jays have also been very disappointing.  They too have suffered a tremendous injury with the Jose Reyes injury that has sidelined him for 1-3 months.  Not good for a team struggling to score runs to try to cover up their woeful pitching.  Specifically R.A. Dickey has been dreadful and after his CY Young performance last year, it’s not surprising of the drop off but it is a bit surprising of how bad his performance has been.  They sit at 5-7 and it is still early but no better time than to right the ship than early on, right now.

The Ugly:

MLB: New York Mets at Miami Marlins  Miami MarlinsOh boy, this certainly has been a disaster from the start.  The man pictured to the left can take all the blame for this one.  They can’t score at all, this is the main problem.  The starting pitching has actually been pretty good, but no run support has absolutely killed this team.  They have only scored 20 runs in 12 games, they sit at 2-10 and you have to wonder how they have even managed to win any games.  Their lone star Giancarlo Stanton has not been in the lineup the past few nights with a sore shoulder but even when he was been in the lineup it didn’t matter.  Teams just pitch around him or he just hasn’t been hitting at all anyways, as he has no homeruns or RBIs.  This just might be the worst team in baseball history when it’s all said and done.  Miami, get used to this, there are going to be a lot of L’s this year, and you can blame that guy right over there.

  San Diego Padres.  The worst team in the NL West, but no shock really.  Their record, although 2-10, still is not like the Marlins.  They have at least scored 39 runs and show some offensive life compared to the lowly fish.  Their problem has been pitching and just playing well in general.  No big names, no spark, with the exception of the Carlos Quentin/Zack Greinke debacle, they have been virtually obsolete and absent from the baseball news.  Like the Marlins, expect them to make reoccurring appearances in the Ugly portion of my segment.

It is just two weeks in to the baseball season, but you still start to see early separation and what teams appear to be like.  Some good, some really good, some bad, and some just flat-out ugly.  It should be interesting to see how things unfold and see if any of these teams can move out of the hole or if they fall from the top.  If your team is doing great, enjoy it now and know it’s baseball and anything can happen and change over the course of the year.  If your team isn’t doing so well remember it’s a long season and things can turn around, maybe.  Either way, enjoy that baseball is back and in full swing providing us with excitement night after night.

Hotlanta Hotstreak!

Can the Bravos be stopped?


He may shake that sign off.

The Atlanta Braves have been on an amazing tear, as they now have a 9 game winning streak. Fresh off handling their main competition in the NL East, the Washington Nationals, they have now have 3 series sweeps in a row. This is due in large part to the decisions of Manager Freddie Gonzalez.


He has made the necessary moves to keep the hot hands going, and doesn’t play a struggling veteran just to keep them happy. The offseason acquisition of the first Upton brother, B.J., has been struggling thus far into the season, and Gonzalez has moved him around in the lineup to get him going. He also sat Jason Heyward for him to regroup for a game. He has made an effort to keep Evan Gattis and his blazing bat in the lineup, even playing him at first base while starting Gerald Laird for a game.

evan gattis

You might as well call him Thor, because he is not from this earth. He now has 4 homeruns on this young season, and his most recent was off of the Nationals right-handed phenom, Steven Strasburg. The Braves seem to be really good at sweeping teams now that their catcher is a former janitor.

justin upton

Of course, the MVP of the season so far has to be Justin Upton, who now has 7 homeruns and is tearing the cover off of the ball as he contributed most recently in their 9-0 win over the Nattitude-less Nationals as they completed the sweep of the series. This team looks to be one destined for something great, it will be fun to see what happens.

Are you believers Braves Country? Let us know!!!


“Y’all gone make me lose my mind, Upton here! Upton here!”

Justin Upton, B.J. Upton

That’s right, the Upton brothers have certainly made their presence felt early in their Atlanta Braves career.  Both the Upton brothers hit solo homeruns each to lift the Braves to a come from behind 6-5 win over the Chicago Cubs.  Yes, you get strike outs, but who doesn’t strike out?  I mean really.  With these guys you get plenty of fireworks to more than make up for it.

Justin Upton is definitely the leading Braves hitter at this point with 5 homeruns and 7 RBIs.  He is absolutely crushing everything in sight right now and is it really that shocking?  It shouldn’t be; this kid is only 25 years old, already an All-Star and coming into his prime.  His rough last season with the D-backs was a blessing in disguise because the Braves were able to ship out Martin Prado and some prospects to pick up this stud along with Chris Johnson, an unnoticed solid player himself.  I would say with the way this is looking, Arizona got shafted in this trade, but who’s to say Justin produces like this for them, probably not in my opinion.  A trade that was probably best for both really.  I would say the Braves got the most exciting end of it though.  At this rate Justin Upton is going to hit 162 homeruns and with that production you could expect a World Series Championship.

His brother B.J. Upton has had a little bit slower start but man did he pick the right time to get going and get his first homerun as a Brave.  Leading off the bottom of the 9th he destroyed a pitch to deep left-center field to tie the game up.  He was a very nice signing by the Braves in the offseason and is showing his worth early as well.  You could almost feel that is was destined for his brother Justin Upton to end it with a bomb when he came to the plate and that’s exactly what happened.

So just 5 games into the season the Braves sit at 4-1 and are showing tremendous pop and excitement.  Excitement that Braves fans can expect all season long.  They better keep regular maintenance checks on that Coke bottle in left field because it is going to be getting a lot of work shooting off fireworks this year.  This isn’t just “Hot-lanta” anymore; this is “Upt-lanta, the true city of brotherly love.”


Braves Recap: Opening Day

Today was the day everyone was waiting for, and the Braves delivered. The day started with their former leader/third baseman, Chipper Jones, the first year after his retirement, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch in front of a capacity crowd at the Ted (Turner Field).

chipper jones first pitch

This game lived up to the billing as the new look Braves smashed 3 home runs and scored 7 in their win over their rival the Philadelphia Phillies, and their ace Cole Hamels. The first inning was where the fireworks began, as Jason Heyward walked and first basemen Freddie Freeman homered with two outs. The next inning reminded us that “His Name is DAN UGGLA!!!!” Uggla homered and it was a much needed for him and his confidence. The fans want him to improve this year after a career low year in average and homers. They proceeded to let the scrappy Phillies back in the game and then Hudson came out after 4 1/3 innings. The offense then answered with new acquisition LF Justin Upton took one deep over the left-center field wall. This is what he was tempting us with all spring, game-breaking power.

craig kimbrel

Both teams then swapped two runs a piece to bring the score to 7-5 Braves entering the ninth inning, and as every Braves fan in Braves Country expects, Craig Kimbrel entered the game to close it out. There had been some questions about him after his rough outings in the World Baseball Classic. Then Kimbrel does what he does best, he retired the side 1-2-3 and picked up the save. Great win to kick off the year for the Braves and what a day for baseball!

Did you like how opening day turned out? Let us know!!!

– Daniel, hammockd29

5 Things I Learned from Opening Day

Well with the first official day of baseball coming to a close, here are some things I have gathered from it.  Granted not everyone officially started their season or is finished today so sorry for leaving those out that could potentially be mentioned.  With that being said, some great insight still has been gathered from Opening Day and Opening Night, so here’s what I learned.

1. Bryce Harper is the real deal, but he’s got to have help.


In case you didn’t know, Bryce Harper homered in his first two at-bats in the Nationals Opening Day 2-0 win over the lack luster Marlins.  This makes him the youngest player to hit 2 homeruns on Opening Day.  Ah yes, the baseball stats are back.  What a showcase by the young star, but man his team did absolutely nothing around him.  He went 2-4 with the only run scoring hits while the rest of his team went a measly 3-22.  Yes it’s only the first day and guys will get into the “swing” of things but just my observations after this first day.  That’s all for my talk on Harper, I feel like there’s already been enough of that already, sorry if you wanted to hear more.  I’m sure you could flip to ESPN, right now to hear more about him and his historic day.

2. The Houston Astros are legit.


April Fools!  Yeah I got you with that one.  No they are not legit, but in all seriousness they did have an impressive showing in their Opening Night, American League debut against their rival, the Texas Rangers.  Winning 8-2, they looked like the ones who would be running the show in the AL West, but it’s only the first game and there’s 161 more to go, and I think we all have a pretty good idea about where that is for the Astros.  Still, they did have an impressive first game showing which has to be encouraging for the fans and the entire outlook of a franchise that has been looking bleak over the past few years.  Also, congratulations to Manager Bo Porter for his first career win as a manager.  What does this important first win of the season mean for the Astros?  That at least they can’t go “defeated”.

3.  The “Best Rivalry” in baseball has lost its edge.


That’s right, I said it, the Yankees and Red Sox rivalry has lost its edge.  In complete contrast of the picture above, I watched some of it today and it just didn’t really have that same zest.  It could be because half of the Yankees starters are on the Disabled List and it could be because the Red Sox are going through a little bit of a rebuilding mode themselves.  Either way, it just didn’t feel the same.  It was a blowout win for the Red Sox, winning 8-2 to get on to a good start for the year.  Even with the Yankees out with a bunch of starters, it still has to feel good for a Red Sox team looking for something positive this year.  Maybe they’ll be a little better than I have predicted, and maybe the Yankees are a little less than I originally thought; we’ll have to wait a see.

4.  Watch out for the New York Mets and their high-octane offense.


April Fools again!!!  Oh man you should have seen your face!  Now the Mets don’t appear to have a high-octane offense like they showed today, and it was against a team like the Padres, but nonetheless they did score a lot of runs.  It was an impressive performance that deserves some recognition.  They won 11-2 in an absolute onslaught led by the grand slam hit by Collin Cowgill.  Wait…who?  That’s the kind of lineup the Mets have, with the exception of David Wright, but today could be an inclination of a team that could be sneaky this year.  No, they surely won’t stay on their run scoring pace, but maybe they got a little more juice than people give them credit for.  Either way, when you score in double digits, you are going to get some love and rightfully so, especially “right off the bat” to start the year.

5.  Interleague play all season is going to be awesome!


Finally!  Both leagues will play all year long and it will certainly make for some more exciting baseball.  The Angels and Reds kicked off the first ever interleague game on Opening Day in a nail-biting 13-inning affair with the Angels winning 3-1.  It’s about time this full season inter-league play has happened.  Yeah the constant flipping back and forth from DH to pitcher hitting might start to get annoying for teams, which could lead to discussion about the whole league being under the same rules, but that’s for another discussion.  You can read up on our view on that in the blog in our article “Designated Hitter to the National League?”.  As it is, this is here to stay and I can’t wait to see all the intriguing matchups it produces for the entire season.

Even with more games still to be played, for teams that haven’t yet played, these are the main things I took away from Opening Day.  You can count on the Deep South Sports Blog to be covering baseball all season; we are in it for the long haul.  We are just as excited as you are that it’s back!


-Preston, gsuwolfman13

2013 MLB Season Predictions

Well it is finally upon us, Opening Day is right around the corner.  March Madness is garnering all the attention right now but Opening Night is tomorrow night with the Rangers and Astros getting things kicked off.  Opening Day is on Monday, when everyone else will begin their season.  So without further a due, as I promised before, drum roll please….I give you my full season predictions for the 2013 Major League Baseball season.  Here’s how I see everything playing out.

Let’s start things over in the American League..

AL Easttoronto-blue-jays-logo

  1. Toronto Blue Jays
  2. New York Yankees (Wild Card)
  3. Tampa Bay Rays
  4. Baltimore Orioles
  5. Boston Red Sox

Just can’t deny the Jays with whom all they acquired in the offseason, they are serious about winning now.  Don’t sleep on the beat up Yankees, they will win enough to hang around and then take off when their injured guys get back, don’t ever count out a team that knows how to play good ball.

AL CentralDetroit-Tigers-Logo

  1. Detroit Tiger
  2. Chicago White Sox
  3. Cleveland Indians
  4. Kansas City Royals
  5. Minnesota Twins

Tigers are loaded and play in the weakest division in baseball, that’s about all that needs to be said really.  No matter any of the acquisitions done by any of the other teams, they aren’t close to the Tigers.

AL West12010040219la_angels

  1. Los Angeles Angels
  2. Texas Rangers (Wild Card)
  3. Oakland Athletics
  4. Seattle Mariners
  5. Houston Astros

Angels possibly have the best lineup in the game and a very nice pitching rotation, I just can’t deny they are the top team in the division and will take control of the division for now and years to come.  The Rangers lost some pieces, Josh Hamilton and Michael Young, but like I said before, don’t ever count out a team that just plays good baseball.  They will nab a wild card spot like the Yankees will.

Now, for your AL MVP and CY Young winners..

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of AnaheimAL MVP- Mike Trout– leading off in front of Pujols and Hamilton will surely produce more runs for him as he will continue to get on base at the rate he did last year.  Trout, you will get yours this year, no doubt.


AL CY Young- David Price- his efforts will once again go unnoticed until he wins the CY Young, much like last season.  He is in his prime and unlike his competition, Verlander and King Felix, he didn’t just get a shiny new contract.  No let down from this guy.

Now moving into the National League, it may leave you scratching your head, but hey, it’s what I feel, so I’m going with it..

NL Eastbraves2

  1. Atlanta Braves
  2. Philadelphia Phillies (Wild Card)
  3. Washington Nationals
  4. New York Mets
  5. Miami Marlins

The Braves have arguably the best lineup in the NL, they have a solid rotation and they do have the best bullpen.  They also always know how to just play winning baseball, they will take the division.  My surprise, the Phillies edging the Nationals for a Wild Card spot.  The Phillies experience and pedigree for winning over the past 4-5 years, other than last year because of injuries, gives them the edge to me.  Like the Orioles, the verdict is still out on the Nats for me.

NL Central278k6gaei4dg6aveozm1q9yeg

  1. St. Louis Cardinals
  2. Cincinnati Reds
  3. Milwaukee Brewers
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates
  5. Chicago Cubs

Cardinals know how to win and always play good baseball.  They are good in every aspect of the game.  They edge the Reds for the division in virtually a two team race for the division crown.

NL West300px-LA_Dodgers.svg_

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers
  2. San Francisco Giants (Wild Card)
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks
  4. Colorado Rockies
  5. San Diego Padres

I have the Dodgers being able to capitalize on all the talent they have in their lineup and starting rotation to win the division.  Led by Matt Kemp and Kershaw, they will take the division barring any unforeseen injuries.  The Giants will be close on their heels and nab a Wild Card Spot.  Their rotation is one of the best but their lineup is not that spectacular.  For this reason I have them falling just short of the Dodgers.

Now for your NL MVP and CY Young winners..

imagesNL MVP- Matt Kemp- A 5 tool player that would’ve won it last year if it weren’t for injuries.  Durability is a question but if he stays healthy he could have his best year ever hitting in this lineup he will be in and potentially lead his Dodgers to great things this year.


NL CY Young- Clayton Kershaw- Just now coming into his prime, he will once again be lights out and with a betterClaytonKershaw_display_image team playing behind him for an entire season, it will produce some more wins for him.  He’ll be getting plenty of run support to help him get more than just the 14 wins he had last year.



Now that the season has been played out, it is time to reveal the playoff predictions..

ALCS-Angels over the Tigers

NLCS-Dodgers over the Braves

So that means it’s a Los Angeles World Series, they don’t have a NFL team so they can at least have this, right?  Both teams are just too loaded in every aspect of their team to not get to the World Series and make this a true heavyweight fight.  Pujols, Trout, Hamilton, Kemp, Kershaw, Gonzalez, and more all in the World Series.  It’ll be like watching the All-Star game all over again except this time it will REALLY count.  So now to reveal my prediction for the World Series Champion..I have the Angels beating the Dodgers to become 2013 World Series Champions.  The trio of Charlie’s..uh I mean Scioscia’s Angels will be too much for them.

Well there you have it, my full season baseball predictions, hopefully I can get some right and show I know a little something about baseball.  Let me know all your predictions and who you think will be World Series Champions.  I hope you are as excited as I am about baseball approaching, I can’t wait.  Play Ball!

“Show Me The Money!” Worth it?


According to ESPN, Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers agreed to terms on a 7 year extension worth $180 million dollars and has a chance to add-on an 8th year to make it $202 million.

Yes, that is not a misprint, he is now officially the highest paid pitcher in Major League Baseball history.  There seems to be a trend here, huh?  Apparently the trend is to make every pitcher that needs a new contract the richest in history.  Just recently Felix Hernandez and the Seattle Mariners agreed to terms on a contract worth $175 million that made him the highest paid pitcher in history.  Now to only be out done by Justin Verlander who is rolling in the green as we speak.

So is it worth it?  All this money given to one guy, I mean yes, he is arguably the best pitcher in the game, but is he worth all that money?  Let me know what you think right here.