Adam Scott Wins the Green Jacket


The Masters have come to an end and what an exciting Masters it was.

For the first time in history an Australian has finally broken through and won the ever elusive green jacket.  Adam Scott wins it for his first ever Masters and wins it for his country.  a rain filled afternoon, but nonetheless ended with some of the most excitement of any of the previous Masters.

The day started with all the anticipation of a Sunday Tiger run and seeing if Brandt Snedeker could get his first win at The Masters and avenge his collapse a few years ago.  As it went along though it became apparent that Tiger might not pull it off and Snedeker would come up just short yet again.  Tiger simply ran out of time and didn’t have much luck on the greens and “The Sned” just hit a rough patch during the middle of his round and could never recover.  This left others to assume the top spots and challenge for the green jacket.

Angel Cabrera, 2009 Masters Champion, was very steady today and got up to -9 late in the round but then fell back to -7 until the end.  Jason Day would do the same but would never recover in time and would finish alone in 3rd at -7.  Then there was Adam Scott, quietly sitting at -6 after the 3rd day and just trying to hang with the top guys and make a run at it.

Scott would start the day with a bogey at hole 1 but would not let that shake his confidence.  He would go on to not bogey the rest of the day and have 4 birdies through the rest of his 18.  He had a couple opportunities to birdie a few other holes but missed those very makeable opportunities and it nearly cost him, but hey, that’s golf.  He was able to put that behind him and make his run on the back 9.

Sitting at -8 tied with Angel Cabrera on the 18th hole, he was lying in two on the green with a birdie putt ahead of him.  He would knock down the lengthy putt and go absolutely berserk and scream out “Come on Aussie’s!”  He knew the historical aspect of this putt aside from him just celebrating for his own victory.  Then Angel Cabrera would play the 18th.

Cabrera would hit a gorgeous 2nd shot to land it within 3-4 feet of the pin.  Cabrera would simply knock that in for birdie and be tied with Scott at -9.  Then the playoff would begin on the 18th.

Both players hit basically identical shots and would both par the hole going to the 10th hole for the 2nd playoff hole.  Again both hit identical first two shots and were lying about the same distance from the hole on the green, Cabrera a little farther away.  He would hit his putt and miss by an inch leaving it open for Scott.  Scott would then take a deep breath and set up to take his 15 footer.  He would give it a ride and watch it sink in the hole.  With that putt he wins his first green jacket and the first for his native country Australia.

adam-scott-wins-mastersYou could hear the cheers around the world, from Augusta all the way to down under on the Outback.  Ending in a wondrous playoff, this Masters will truly be one of the most memorable ever.  You have to be excited for this guy and the fact his country had finally gotten over the hump.  A great showing by Cabrera as well and the rest of the field but it goes to Adam Scott in the end.

I certainly am glad I watched a lot of this Masters and did not miss one great shot or putt.  It truly was great to watch.  It makes me excited for next year and the excitement that comes with The Masters.  Until then though, let’s congratulate the Aussie Adam Scott on his well deserved win and just enjoy how great of a tournament this is and was this past weekend.

Notable Final Scores:

1. Adam Scott -9 (won playoff against Cabrera)

2. Angel Cabrera -9 (lost play0ff against Scott)

3. Jason Day -7

T4.Tiger Woods -5

T6. Brandt Snedeker -4

T13. Fred Couples -1

T50. Bubba Watson +7

T54. Phil Mickelson +9

58. Tianlang Guan +12


Tiger Penalized,”The Sned” Highlight Day 3


With the 3rd day in the books, the true front runners for the green jacket have staked their case.

It was another gorgeous day in Augusta for the 3rd day of action at The Masters, although it did start with a bit of a “rain cloud” on it.  Guys moving up and down the board all day made for another exciting day for Masters Golf.

The day started rather odd though, with that “rain cloud” I mentioned, as Tiger Woods was given a 2 stroke penalty for an illegal drop on hole 15 the day before.  Tiger supposedly did not drop the ball close enough to his original spot where he hit the ball before hitting it into the water.  This all occurred after his ball hit the pin on hole 15.  This made him start the day at -1 instead of -3.  When I heard this I was just thinking oh the conspiracy of hole 15 at the Masters, but lots of people did agree with it and Tiger himself as well.  Thank goodness he wasn’t disqualified though, that would’ve been bad, for him and viewership.  Tiger was able to get back to -3 and finish the day there, 4 shots off the lead.  He’ll go into Sunday Tiger mode and when he does that, no lead is safe.NZL: New Zealand PGA Championships - Day 4

“The Sned”, Brandt Snedeker raced up the leader board to finish at -7 tied at the top with Angel Cabrera.  Snedeker would shoot -4 on the day and just seemed to hit all the right shots and make all the right putts.  He gets an all important second chance at winning The Masters after his heart breaking loss a few years ago.  Cabrera also played well and worked his way up the leader board, hitting good shot after shot and really living on his great putting.  He hit some bumps in the road down the stretch but regained his momentum when he sank his birdie putt on the 18th hole to close out the day.

Jason Day was the original leader at -6 and finished at -5.  He was at -7 at one point but his bogey on 17 dropped him back to -6 and he bogeyed on 18 dropping him to -5.  Before that point he had no bogeys all day.  Fellow Australians, Adam Scott and Marc Leishman sit with Day near the top with Scott at -6 and Leishman at -5.  The Aussie’s seem to be in a great spot to nab their first ever green jacket.  They have been so close before, but never had this many Australians at the top at once to get the green jacket.  It would be a special moment for Australia if one of them were able to get it.

Tianlang Guan slipped in his 3rd day, but hey he made it to the 3rd day, that’s impressive enough.  I’ve seen a lot of great things from this kid, once his body matures and he can hit as long as these grown men, he will be tough to beat for sure.  Phil Mickelson and the ageless wonder Fred Couples fell way back themselves.  Phil finished +5 for the day to drop to +8, only 1 stroke ahead of Guan.  Couples also finished at +5 for the day dropping him to even par.  Couples triple bogeyed 17 and that’s when he really lost it.  Tough day for the two stars.

All in all it was another great day for golf.  We got out of there with no extra penalties so far but you never know who might see something later and report it.  The final day starts tomorrow and it should be filled with lots of excitement but with excitement does come tremendous heart break.  Tiger will be making a push and others will be trying to hold him off while trying to focus on their own game.  It will be fun to watch.  I’ll be crossing my fingers for The Masters to go down to the wire.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

TV coverage begins at 2 PM ET on CBS and remember you can catch more action at  Be sure to check back for the final recap of this historic tournament.  Go enjoy it, I know I sure will.  Let the most beautiful event in sports roll on.

Notable Final Round Tee Times:

Tianlang Guan-9:30 am

Phil Mickelson-9:40 am

Fred Couples-12:50 pm

Tiger Woods-2:10 pm

Jason Day-2:20 pm

Brandt Snedeker, Angel Cabrera-2:40 pm

14 Year Old Highlights Day 2


Day 2 of The Masters is in the books and the cuts have been made.  Now we set up for the weekend action.

A little rainy weather at the start of the day cleared up by the afternoon definitely giving the advantage to the later tee time groups.  Some remained steady, some jumped up the leader board, others fell off, and one youngster made history.  Let’s dive into the recap of the action.

Today was certainly filled with loads of excitement despite the early on average scores.  The leader after two days is Jason Day sitting at -6 for the day after having a -4 round of golf.  He certainly had his “Day”; he was striking the ball well and putting the lights out averaging around 1.5 putts for the day.  That’s the kind of golf that will get you to the top.  Tiger Woods shot up to -5 under but after some bad luck on hole 15 when his ball hit the pin and went straight in the water he would bogey that hole and bogey one more before finishing the day at -3.  Tiger is right in the thick of things though and was showing he is in prime form.

The ageless wonder himself Fred Couples played a smart, solid day.  He came in at -4 and birdied his last hole to finish at -5 putting him right there in the hunt for the top spot going into Day 3.  Fred Couples didn’t do anything special but didn’t do anything bad either, he just held firm.  The original leader Marc Leishman held serve himself starting the day at -6 and finishing -5.  He had an up and down day but in the end was able to withstand the pressure of being at the top and go into the 3rd day tied for 2nd with Couples.

160439414.rPhil Mickelson and Bubba Watson fell off a bit, Phil more so than Bubba.  Phil went from -1 to +3 barely making the cut.  Phil said he was going to be more aggressive and it looked like it wasn’t paying off.  Bubba fell only one stroke, but to +4 barely making the cut himself.  He just doesn’t have it this year, too long on hits, missing puts.  At least he makes it into the weekend.

The real story of the day though has to be the 14 year old phenom Tianlang Guan shooting +3 to go to +4 and making the cut.  It makes him the youngest player in the history of the game to make a cut in any PGA Tour event.  Even being assessed the 1 stroke penalty for slow play; he was still able to slip in.  Thank goodness, because I want to keep watching this kid play and it would be injustice for that one stroke penalty to have cost him.  He did make it in though and making it to the weekend has to be special for this kid, because he still has a chance in this tournament.  Crazier things have happened; all you need is just a chance.

The Masters Day 2 was yet again a spectacle to watch, the beautiful course, the beautiful weather, for most of the day, and the best players in the world.  These players will take the course tomorrow to start Day 3 and continue this exciting action.  The live action will begin on TV on CBS at 3 PM ET and live action can also be seen on  Who is going to move up?  Who is going to fall back?  Well we’ll just have to wait and see.  Let the most beautiful event in sports roll on.

Notable Day 3 Tee times:                                                                                                                 

Bubba Watson-9:25 am

Tianglang Guan-9:55 am

Phil Mickelson-10:25 am

Rory Mclroy-1:25 pm

Tiger Woods-1:45 pm

Marc Leishman-2:35 pm

Jason Day, Fred Couples-2:45 pm

The Masters Day 1 Recap


The first day is in the books and things are already starting to take shape.  Familiar names sit atop the leader board and some not so familiar names, not to mention a 14 year old that had a very impressive first ever Masters round.  The course seemed to be playing a little slow on some greens because it was evident when everyone kept leaving their putts short on a lot of holes.  Still, an overall good day of golf, a lot of low numbers that make it enjoyable to watch.  Let’s go through the action and take a look around the field.

Tiger Woods was at it again, having a nice round of 70 putting him at -2 for his first round.  A very Tigeresque early round, just gets his here and there and he’s right in the thick of it going into the second day.  Another familiar name couldn’t quite find his stroke like Tiger, Bubba Watson finished +3 on the day and seemed to just long on everything and not putting like his 2012 self.  It’s early though so he is still very much in it.  Ole Lefty himself, Phil Mickelson, finished -1 on the day having his ups and downs throughout the day; he was hovering all day around even par before finishing 1 under.

Some not so familiar names have put themselves certainly in the race early on.  Marc Leishman, an Australia native, is tied at the top with Sergio Garcia at -6 for their opening round.  Certainly a new name that hasn’t been mentioned a lot in the golf world.  It will be interesting to see how long he can hang around at the top.  Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano, another unknown, sits at -4 for his first round and very much in the race.  His unorthodox-ed style of putting with his feet touching one another certainly is different but definitely got the job done today.  He had a fine day striking the ball and putting.

2013_Masters_Tianlang_Guan_14_Year_Old_Score_AugustaThe surprise of the day though has to be the young 14 year old Amateur Tianlang Guan.  That’s right, a 14 year old playing in the Masters.  That’s mind boggling to think that he’s that good already and he certainly showcased his talent by finishing at +1.  He is in great shape to make the cut and with the way he is hitting the ball, he very well could make it.  As long as he can withstand the pressure of playing in the Masters and being under the “big lights”, he’ll be fine.  It was very exciting watching him; he’s going to be a good one for a long time.  To put it into perspective, the great Tiger Woods played in his first Masters at the age of 19.  Yeah, this kid is going to be good.

Day 2 will be soon upon us and we’ll dive right back into the Masters action and I can’t wait.  Be sure to catch all the action starting at 3 PM ET on ESPN or watch coverage on  I’ll have a Day 2 Recap tomorrow so be on the lookout for that to catch up on all the action.  Let the most beautiful event in sports roll on.

Notable Day 2 tee times:

Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano-8:33 am

Tianlang Guan-9:06 am

Phil Mickelson-10:23 am

Rory McIlroy-10:34 am

Marc Leishman-12:35 pm

Bubba Watson-1:30 pm

Tiger Woods-1:41 pm

The Masters: Golf’s Biggest Stage


Amen Corner, the most picturesque part of the course.  It accurately depicts the beauty of this whole tournament in one picture.

Tomorrow the most beautiful event in sports will tee off; The Masters at Augusta National will garner sports’ fans attention from all over the world.  The time when every fan, whether you enjoy watching golf or not, will be glued to their TV’s to watch this beautiful, exciting golf tournament take place.  This year is even more exciting, it’ll be kind of like the old days I guess you could say where Tiger Woods goes in as the favorite and we all watch to see who will challenge him and try to knock him off the top.

Today the Par 3 contest is taking place and I feel bad for whoever wins because we all know the winner never wins the Masters.  Either way, it is always an exciting event that officially kicks off the Masters and always leaves for some exciting golf as hole in ones are bound to happen.  Legends Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player all being in a group together also makes it a very exciting event to watch.

images tigerWith all that being said, the main attraction is what everyone is waiting for, The Masters itself that will happen this weekend.  Going in to this event, Tiger Woods is definitely the front runner because he seems to be more himself than ever and he does have the number 1 ranking in the world at this point.  He’ll be looking to defend that ranking against guys that could challenge him like Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, and last year’s champion Bubba Watson.  All these guys and the rest of the field will be looking up at Tiger trying to get that green jacket.

Even though there are the well known’s, it’s the unknowns that get a chance to make their name heard across the sports world.  Guys in the past like Charles Schwartzel and Zach Johnson certainly made their names known when they were able to win The Masters and essentially come out of nowhere to do it.  Whether some of these unknowns win it or not, the ones that do perform well will get their names out there and be recognized for their outstanding performance on golf’s biggest stage.

Whoever comes out on top in this historic event shall forever go in history and become a member of the most exclusive, prestigious club in sports.  So let the beauty of the game suck you in and the greatness of these players put you in awe.  I’ll certainly be enjoying this event all weekend and can’t wait for the action to get underway.  I’ll be doing daily recaps of the Masters as it goes along so stay tuned in to that to get you caught up on all the action you might have missed.  So sit back and enjoy the tournament, I certainly will.

Notable tee times are below:

Jim Furyk-9:06 am

Bubba Watson-10:34 am

Tiger Woods-10:45 am

Phil Mickelson-1:30 pm

Rory McIlroy-1:41 pm

Tiger On Top, Once Again

After an impressive showing at Bay Hill, Tiger Woods is number 1 in the world again, time to take notice.

Tiger woodsWell the golf world just got it’s wish, it’s arguably greatest player in the history of the game, is back as the number 1 ranked player in the world, and just in time for The Masters, how convenient that is.  So sports world you can take notice of golf again because the best is back on top of his game.  Nothing has been more polarizing in golf than Tiger Woods being at the top of his game, dominating  competition, wowing us with his talent and others on tour giving Tiger their best shot to knock him off.  That has always made for the best golf and the most watched.  I’m sure the ratings for golf could attest to that as well.

So how has Tiger reclaimed this spot you might ask?  It is obviously his recent announcement of dating Olympic downhill skier Lindsey Vonn.  His statement on a recent question asked from a reporter about his new relationship with Vonn, “Its great dating her, I’m more relaxed, and I am myself again, everything is just going to be downhill from here.”  Ah see what I did there?  Now this is obviously made up and not an accurate report at all, but funny to think that’s what he could be thinking right?

Watching him though, Tiger appears to be more relaxed and he does look like his old self again, being healthy helps as well.  This is certainly scary for everyone else on the tour.  All this was evidenced today and this past weekend as he just polished off his 8th career Arnold Palmer Invitational victory at Bay Hill, tying Sam Snead for the most wins at a single tournament.  He has been hitting the ball like ‘Vintage Tiger’ once again and you know his confidence has to be high with that performance at Bay Hill.  His recent resurgence on the golf course, putting him back at the number 1 world ranking, is undoubtedly the reason for his quick rise back to the top.

Tiger woods 2

I would say he has got the “eye of the tiger” right now with the way he is playing; he is really in the zone.  I promise, that’s the last pun but you had to know that one was coming.  You can’t deny the best golf is sure to be heading our way because when Tiger is on top you also get the best out of everyone else on the course with everybody gunning for him.  With the way he is locked in, he is sure to start getting back to winning majors like he always did, and from what I have been seeing lately, there’s no doubt that he will.