Braves don’t put up with any Nattitude

tim hudson

Fresh off of Tim Hudson hitting his 3rd career home run, and winning his 200th career game; one thing has remained the same all year, the Braves are not going to let the Nationals beat them this year. The Braves are 5-0 so far this season against the Nats. They have faced the likes of Steven Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez, and they have not lost. This Braves team, among being one of the best in the majors, also has a well-taught sense of urgency to focus on these games more throughout the entire season, even April. The games this month are just as important as the ones in August and September, especially in this division where there are at least 3 legitimate contenders(Braves, Nationals, and Phillies).


These two studs above (Justin Upton and Evan Gattis) have been powering the middle of the lineup for this team, with 18 April home runs combined. They have been on a recent skid as of late, coming back down to earth, but these Braves are here to stay for the long haul.  Frank Wren has built a legitimate contender and when Jason Heyward comes back and can get hot as well as B.J. Upton getting going from the plate, they will continue their impressive offensive production. This team is also missing its only perennial all-star in catcher Brian McCann.

The pitching so far this season has been up and down, but the talent is there and possibly the Braves’ best pitcher is still on the DL, Brandon Beachy. He should return in the second half of the season, much like fellow teammate Kris Medlen did last season. Hopefully he can enjoy the same type of success this season.

Let’s Go Braves!!!! Braves Country is here to stay!!!

Written by Daniel, hammockd29


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