First Round Picks I Liked, Picks I Didn’t

The First Round has come to a close and there are already winners and losers being determined by experts all over.  In reality you don’t know until these guys get on the field and how guys will fit into their respective system, but for the time being I am going to express the picks I thought were good and the picks I thought not so good on this first day of the NFL Draft.

Picks I liked:


Tampa Bay Buccaneers-used 13th selection to get best corner in the NFL Darrelle Revis, and considering what the Jets did with that pick the Bucs gave them, instant winner..’nuff said.



Jacksonville Jaguars-2nd selection on OT Luke Joeckel.  They get who I think is the best lineman in the draft and definitely the most tested of the top two lineman coming out of the BIG12/SEC.  Must build from the inside out to be successful, and for the Jags, this new era, fresh start is looking good.

Pittsburgh Steelers– 17th selection on OLB Jarvis Jones.  Getting this guy will provide that next big time rusher for the Steelers.  He was outstanding in college and a proven dominant pass rusher.  He is a Steeler kind of classy guy and will fit in perfectly.  He will instantly upgrade the defense and bring some much-needed youth for the aging Steelers.

St. Louis Rams-trading up to the 8th pick to get WR Tavon Austin.  This is the most electric guy in the draft and they definitely needed someone like this to come in to revive their offense.  He will definitely give Bradford some much-needed help and an actual target to throw too.  He will also enhance the return game because he is an excellent returner.

Minnesota Vikings-picking DT Sharrif Floyd at the 23rd overall selection.  This guy is an absolute monster on the inside and will instantly help out the defensive line and help free up Jared Allen.  He is not your prototypical pass rusher but he is a run stuffer that just eats up blocks.  This has Allen thanking the Vikings for sure.  this has to be one of the best value picks in the draft because he was a top 10 talent that fell all the way this far.  Throw in Xavier Rhodes and Cordarrelle Patterson and for the second straight year, another strong first round by the Vikings.

Picks I didn’t like so much:

New York Jets-using the 13th overall pick acquired in the Revis trade to get DT Sheldon Richardson.  He has got talent and potential but I just don’t see it as much as like Sharrif Floyd or a Star Lotululei.  He is not your typical physical defensive lineman and I don’t think it’s the right value that high on the board.  Close Jets, but no cigar on this one.

Oakland Raiders-trading back to the 12th overall pick to get CB D.J. Hayden.  Was he on anyone’s first round radar? I feel like this is always the question about the Raiders draft selections.  A good corner but played against less than stellar competition and in my opinion a second rounder.  They could have definitely waited on him.  Smart trading back, but not for this guy at that point in the draft.

Buffalo Bills-trading back to 16th pick to draft QB E.J. Manuel.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s got talent but I’ve seen him play a lot and there are parts of the game where he still needs to learn the game more and make better decisions.  A reach in the first round, the Bills could have waited until the second round on him because let’s be honest, there are no first round talented quarterbacks in this draft.  Bills fell victim to the need factor and didn’t take into account the best value factor.

Dallas Cowboys-trading back to the 31st pick to draft center Travis Frederick.  Huh?  Who did they take? That’s right, a guy who was not even close to the first round radar of anyone.  Thejones Cowboys are at it again, just throwing the dart on the draftboard and making a selection.  Might be a good player but again, the value at this time has to be higher somewhere else.  My advice, lock up Jerry Jones during the draft so Cowboy coaches actually have a chance at quality selections and give coaches a chance at ever saving their jobs.


Well the first round has come and gone but there still is more excitement ahead.  Geno Smith and Manti Te’o are some notables still out there that most thought were locks for the first round.  These guys plus many more will hold the headlines at where they will go.  I certainly can’t wait for it to continue.  Once again I’ll be posted up watching as much as I can.  Enjoy the draft craziness unfolding.  2nd and 3rd round starting tomorrow night at 7 PM ET.


2 thoughts on “First Round Picks I Liked, Picks I Didn’t

  1. I think Oakland was seriously considering taking DJ Hayden with the 3rd Overall pick… Hayden was the number 1 corner according to a lot of teams after it came out about the multiple surgeries with Millner. I gotta give Oakland some love for at least trading down first lol… we will have to wait and see how it all works out.

    And the Bills draft was crazy… Reminds me how Taylor Mays was sure he was going to the Seahawks with his old coach Pete Carroll and then they choose Earl Thomas. Nassib might be in for a free fall… would have liked to see them trade down but they must have really like Manual.

    1. Yeah thank goodness they traded back or the Raiders would be looking at a major reach. In my opinion Milliner is better just the health concerns are very prevalent. Yeah I don’t know what Buffalo was thinking, they could’ve waited until today to draft him, just not a smart pick in my opinion.

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