Boston on My Mind


In this sad time after the bombing at the Boston Marathon, it’s important to keep those affected in your thoughts and prayers.  I certainly am doing that.  Nothing can be more sickening than someone deliberately hurting people.  It makes me sick to think that there are people out there that do not take into consideration other people’s lives and don’t have any qualms over hurting or killing people.  It is truly a saddening, tragic event that tears into the hearts of everyone.

One thing you did see that does warm my heart is the people that were in there helping people get out of harms way and those doing all they could to help.  It truly shows that there is a lot of good in humanity, just a few bad eggs here and there that don’t care about those around them.  It was relieving to see all those in action doing what they could to help out and come together to take care of each other.  I think what the Yankees did during their game the other day, playing “Sweet Caroline” during their game like their hated rival the Boston Red Sox do every game, was a perfect example of no matter what differences we may have or who we may “hate” for any reason, when it comes to our country and just simply sharing the fact we are all American, we all stand together.

The search for these criminals will not cease until everyone involved in this is detained, and justice will be served to those who committed this heinous crime.  Another tragic event in our country that we will one day begin to try our best to heal from, and we will because we are Americans and very resilient, but like any tragic event that happens, we will not soon forget it.  Pray for all those affected, and keep Boston on your mind.


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