NBA Playoff Predictor

Well the NBA playoffs are almost upon us and it’s time to give my predictions on what I think will transpire.  It has been an exciting regular season, so let’s hope for more of the same during the playoffs and even more excitement.  I am here to give you my Conference Champion and NBA Finals Champion, and even a dark horse to keep your eye on.  Let’s dive in.

Los Angeles Clippers v Miami HeatEastern Conference Champion: Miami Heat

Is there any question about who the Eastern Conference Champ is going to be?  I mean really, this team can win without their “Big 3” and they show their tremendous chemistry night in and night out with or without everyone.  This team has been through it last year, without Allen and Andersen, and they know exactly what it takes.  The moves to bring in Allen and Andersen has only made them that much better.  King James is at it again and is showing an even higher level of play and is hands down the best player on the planet at this time.  Dwayne Wade is healthy and showing he is not done in his career.  Chris Bosh has also shown he can take the lead when needed too, when LeBron and Wade need a breather.  They can score, they can play defense, struggle on the boards at times which can be their weak spot, but they can more than make up for that with their athleticism and talent.

Western Conference Champion: Oklahoma City Thunderthunder

The number 1 seed in the West, they don’t appear to be missing James Harden but that can be up for discussion for another time.  This team this year is still scoring at a high rate and playing faster than anyone out there.  Russell Westbrook has been a little less on the distributing side lately but he is no doubt the most dangerous scoring point guard in the game.  His slash and gash game and pull up jumpers are deadly.  The second leading scorer in the league Kevin Durant is still at it knocking down everything in sight.  These two guys can lead this team all the way to the NBA Finals yet again with the help of their other guys like Ibaka, Perkins, and Martin.  They will out run and out score everyone in the West.  I don’t see anyone taking the West from them but they certainly will be challenged nonetheless.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Denver NuggetsDark Horse: Denver Nuggets

The team I think will challenge them will be my dark horse pick to make a run, the Denver Nuggets.  These guys score in the paint the best and can run with any one.  Led by Ty Lawson at the point, these guys utilize everyone on the floor to score and play defense.  Injuries to Gallinari, their best shooter, and Faried, their hustle/rebounder, are going to hurt them but this team has guys that can step up and fill the void.  It’s going to be huge for guys like Iguodala and Koufus to really step up and play above their game if they want to make a deep run.  I think they can do it though, I would say they meet the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals but would have them coming up short because the Thunder are just too good.  Don’t sleep on this team though because they are the next best thing that could really make a serious run at a NBA Finals Championship this year.

NBA Finals Champion: Miami HeatNBA Finals MVP LeBron James of the Miami

That’s right, I am picking the Heat to win it all.  They are no doubt the “chalk” pick and I don’t see anyone beating this team in 7.  Yeah they’ll lose 1 or 2 in a 7 game series against the Knicks, and Thunder but beating LeBron and company in 7 games?  I don’t see that happening.  They are all around to good to lose a series and if it’s the Thunder they meet in the Finals, they will take care of them like they have done in the recent meetings including like the NBA Finals last season.  When these two play, the Heat just seem more mature and under control then the Thunder, not to mention more veteran led than the Thunder.  LeBron and company will not relinquish this NBA Finals this year to anyone, they have had too great of a season to let that happen.

There you have it, my predictions for the NBA playoffs and how I think it is all going to play out.  So get ready because they are almost here, I certainly can’t wait to watch the excitement that these playoffs will have in store.

-Preston, gsuwolfman13


2 thoughts on “NBA Playoff Predictor

  1. Our staff is split – waiting on the Lakers & Jazz results tonight (among others) before SidelineMOB posts its official staff picks. Sean & Steeze have very different takes – on the Western Conference especially. Nice picks – sometimes chalk isn’t lame, it just makes the most sense.

    1. Yeah and in this case, chalk is what makes the most sense to me. The West will definitely be a little more interesting than the East in my opinion. That side of the playoffs will prob be a little more exciting than the East side but who know, it’s why they play the games.

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