Auburn in the Clear?


It appears so at the moment.

Contrary to the way things were looking last week with the Selena Roberts story and the news broken by ESPN, it appears that Auburn might be in the clear with all of these potential allegations.  The story has quietly fallen out of the news lately since it broke last week that Auburn had changed grades to make players eligible for their National Championship game and bribing players to stay for their senior year.  So was all this embellished and created on the basis of Auburn’s history of past incidents?  Maybe so, because as of now it doesn’t look like anything will come of all this.

Reports have recently said that the players were miss quoted about the changing of grades and the bribing.  Thus looking like they’ll be in the clear and that maybe it did not happen.  Auburn itself has denied any of these actions taken place pretty swiftly and soundly nipping it from the start.  The spice story was in fact true but because it wasn’t a drug that was recognized or illegal at the time, Auburn wouldn’t be at fault.  Since it has been in place that it’s illegal, Auburn has been taking action against it.

So at this present moment it looks like Auburn will get cleared of this and not suffer any sanctions because of it.  A faulty past mixed with embellished stories makes for one crazy situation where it looks like a program is about to get trashed.  As it is Auburn appears to be safe and is moving on from this just as everyone else is because it has certainly fallen out of the news.


6 thoughts on “Auburn in the Clear?

  1. Was it just really bad intel from whoever gave it to ESPN? I mean that’s some crazy stuff to just make up on the fly even if similar things had happened in the past.

    1. I think the Roberts story was a bit embellished and she misquoted players because it’s very weird that she posts the story and the all the former players say that’s not what they meant. ESPN also kind of blew the spice story out of proportion too. Auburn just has a history of being in trouble for some thing so that doesn’t help matters either

      1. Yeah history never helps in those situations, but I guess it proves that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it in some way or another.

    1. Ha very true, I wouldn’t disagree with you on that. They have been under the microscope so much that you gotta figure something will come out eventually. This is the perfect time for other teams to do stuff illegally because all the focus is on Auburn, ha

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