The Masters: Golf’s Biggest Stage


Amen Corner, the most picturesque part of the course.  It accurately depicts the beauty of this whole tournament in one picture.

Tomorrow the most beautiful event in sports will tee off; The Masters at Augusta National will garner sports’ fans attention from all over the world.  The time when every fan, whether you enjoy watching golf or not, will be glued to their TV’s to watch this beautiful, exciting golf tournament take place.  This year is even more exciting, it’ll be kind of like the old days I guess you could say where Tiger Woods goes in as the favorite and we all watch to see who will challenge him and try to knock him off the top.

Today the Par 3 contest is taking place and I feel bad for whoever wins because we all know the winner never wins the Masters.  Either way, it is always an exciting event that officially kicks off the Masters and always leaves for some exciting golf as hole in ones are bound to happen.  Legends Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player all being in a group together also makes it a very exciting event to watch.

images tigerWith all that being said, the main attraction is what everyone is waiting for, The Masters itself that will happen this weekend.  Going in to this event, Tiger Woods is definitely the front runner because he seems to be more himself than ever and he does have the number 1 ranking in the world at this point.  He’ll be looking to defend that ranking against guys that could challenge him like Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, and last year’s champion Bubba Watson.  All these guys and the rest of the field will be looking up at Tiger trying to get that green jacket.

Even though there are the well known’s, it’s the unknowns that get a chance to make their name heard across the sports world.  Guys in the past like Charles Schwartzel and Zach Johnson certainly made their names known when they were able to win The Masters and essentially come out of nowhere to do it.  Whether some of these unknowns win it or not, the ones that do perform well will get their names out there and be recognized for their outstanding performance on golf’s biggest stage.

Whoever comes out on top in this historic event shall forever go in history and become a member of the most exclusive, prestigious club in sports.  So let the beauty of the game suck you in and the greatness of these players put you in awe.  I’ll certainly be enjoying this event all weekend and can’t wait for the action to get underway.  I’ll be doing daily recaps of the Masters as it goes along so stay tuned in to that to get you caught up on all the action you might have missed.  So sit back and enjoy the tournament, I certainly will.

Notable tee times are below:

Jim Furyk-9:06 am

Bubba Watson-10:34 am

Tiger Woods-10:45 am

Phil Mickelson-1:30 pm

Rory McIlroy-1:41 pm


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