A Tournament Challenge Champion Crowned

NCAA tournament challenge

Our 1st annual ESPN Tournament Challenge has come to a close and we thank all that participated and put forth your best brackets.  Out of the 12 total competitors, one emerged to be come the 1st ever champion and that is Wes Anderson.  His bracket accumulated a total of 1150 points and he correctly predicted the National Champion to be the Louisville Cardinals.  He takes home the crown and will forever be known as the 1st ever Deep South Sports Blog Tournament Challenge Champion and will go down in our history.

All of us from the Deep South Sports Blog give him a warm congratulations and hope that he takes this honor with great pride.  We appreciate all that participated and look forward to you all participating next year.  We will be continuing this tradition here at the Deep South Sports Blog and look forward to seeing all of you in our next Tournament Challenge.  Until then, bone up on your Bracketology, it’s never too early to start your path to being the greatest bracketologist and take home the next Tournament Challenge crown.


4 thoughts on “A Tournament Challenge Champion Crowned

      1. Haha oh ok, yeah he put together a good one to win our challenge. Mine fell apart early with Georgetown being my champion and losing. Odd enough, if Louisville didn’t win I would’ve finished second but as it is I finished like 6th or something.

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