Revis Trade Imminent?

Darrelle Revis

It just might be..

ESPN reported this afternoon that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have officially stated that they are willing to give up their 13th overall pick in this year’s draft to get Revis.  This is the crucial piece to the puzzle because this is the pick the Jets were looking for.  Now that Tampa is willing to give that up, you can only think that the trade is a formality at this point.

Revis would bring much needed help to a Tampa Bay team that desperately needs some cornerback help.  He also brings a star status to a team that needs some well known names to put people in the seats.  Darrelle Revis could certainly do that for sure.  So get excited Bucs fans because it looks like you are about to nab the best corner in the league and, even involving this pick, it would be at a very nice price.

Stay tuned in, we will be all over this waiting for the trade to go down.  Once it does you can expect us to be breaking the story.


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