National Championship Madness Preview and Predictions

Ah yes, at last we have reached the pinnacle of college basketball, the National Championship game to decide who is truly the best team in the land.  The first and only time we will have a true number 1 team because all year nobody knew who the number 1 team was because so many teams were in and out of that number 1 spot.  Now, it will be officially determined, let’s preview this baby and I’ll give you my prediction.     

2046_michigan_wolverines-alternate-1996     Michigan vs. Louisville    Louisville_Logo

          9:23 PM ET CBS

It comes down to this, two powerhouse teams from two powerhouse conferences.  The kind of matchup we were all dreaming about I’m sure.  Michigan brings in their wealth of NBA talent to face a stout Louisville team that has their fair share of NBA talent as well.  Michigan will look to use these guys, Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr., to score points early and often to lead them to victory.  They possess an ability to run the floor and spread teams out which is the main reason why they were able to gut the 2-3 zone of the Syracuse Orange.  Nick Stauskas will prove to be a big asset as well with his ability to hit 3’s and stretch out the Louisville defense.  If he is on tonight, it will certainly be very difficult for Louisville to beat this team.  Mitch McGary is another for Michigan to watch for, a consistent double double machine, he can dominate the glass and get those rebounds for crucial second chance points.  His ability to dominate the glass will also be key for Michigan to be able to get the win.

Louisville will be looking to once again ride their star player, Russ Smith, to victory.  Smith can create havoc all over the court and really create stress on opposing teams’ defenses with his magnificent ability to drive and finish at the hoop.  Peyton Siva will look to bounce back from a less than stellar performance in the Final Four and try to create more offense on his end.  His main ability is to distribute and guide the offense but his scoring will need to pick it up to keep up with the Wolverines.  The “X-factor” in this game could end up being “Cool Hand” Luke Hancock, a forward that can flat shoot the lights out and has been doing that late in the tournament.  His ability to hit 3’s and stretch the defense of teams really helps their scoring inside the paint as well from beyond the arc.  A team full of resiliency and emotion, Louisville will look to rise to the occasion and play for their teammate Kevin Ware and get the big win.

Both teams have plenty of similarities, can hit 3’s, can score in the paint, get rebounds, be resilient and both playing with emotion.  So who pull this one out? Who wins it all?  A tough one to call but after watching this whole tournament play out and even some before the NCAA tournament I have come to my conclusion.  The 2012-2013 NCAA basketball National Champion will be…the Louisville Cardinals.

Duke v Louisville

Yep, going chalk on this one.  They have all the tools to match Michigan blow for blow but I think the emotion and the play by Russ Smith will push them over the top.  The Cardinals will reign supreme and in a close contest. I’ll say 65-63 just for fun to see how close I can get.  I know I’m ready for this one and I feel it will be quite exciting to watch.  Enjoy this one everyone, I sure will.  Let the madness continue for one last time.


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