“Y’all gone make me lose my mind, Upton here! Upton here!”

Justin Upton, B.J. Upton

That’s right, the Upton brothers have certainly made their presence felt early in their Atlanta Braves career.  Both the Upton brothers hit solo homeruns each to lift the Braves to a come from behind 6-5 win over the Chicago Cubs.  Yes, you get strike outs, but who doesn’t strike out?  I mean really.  With these guys you get plenty of fireworks to more than make up for it.

Justin Upton is definitely the leading Braves hitter at this point with 5 homeruns and 7 RBIs.  He is absolutely crushing everything in sight right now and is it really that shocking?  It shouldn’t be; this kid is only 25 years old, already an All-Star and coming into his prime.  His rough last season with the D-backs was a blessing in disguise because the Braves were able to ship out Martin Prado and some prospects to pick up this stud along with Chris Johnson, an unnoticed solid player himself.  I would say with the way this is looking, Arizona got shafted in this trade, but who’s to say Justin produces like this for them, probably not in my opinion.  A trade that was probably best for both really.  I would say the Braves got the most exciting end of it though.  At this rate Justin Upton is going to hit 162 homeruns and with that production you could expect a World Series Championship.

His brother B.J. Upton has had a little bit slower start but man did he pick the right time to get going and get his first homerun as a Brave.  Leading off the bottom of the 9th he destroyed a pitch to deep left-center field to tie the game up.  He was a very nice signing by the Braves in the offseason and is showing his worth early as well.  You could almost feel that is was destined for his brother Justin Upton to end it with a bomb when he came to the plate and that’s exactly what happened.

So just 5 games into the season the Braves sit at 4-1 and are showing tremendous pop and excitement.  Excitement that Braves fans can expect all season long.  They better keep regular maintenance checks on that Coke bottle in left field because it is going to be getting a lot of work shooting off fireworks this year.  This isn’t just “Hot-lanta” anymore; this is “Upt-lanta, the true city of brotherly love.”



5 thoughts on “Upton-sanity!

  1. What a great start to the season for these guys…hope the Simmons and Freeman injuries don’t hurt us too badly.

    1. Yeah definitely a great start indeed. Yeah I hope it doesn’t hurt them too badly either, I always hate seeing players go down and leave that kind of “what if” factor, like “if they weren’t hurt kind of thing then who knows how many wins they have.”

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