Worst Team Right Now

Well free agency is cooling down and the draft is just around the corner and already, we see teams that are making progression to get better and teams that aren’t so much.  I have looked around the league and already been able to point out the worst team heading into the 2013 season.

Who could that be?  The Jaguars? No, they are looking to change their culture and seem to be trying to put their best foot forward.  Browns?  No, they signed Paul Kruger, and after finishing the season on a good note last year, they have some momentum heading into the season.  Oh well it must be the Chiefs right?  I would say wrong again, they traded for Alex Smith, and with Andy Reid as their coach and the surplus of individual talent on defense and offense, they could be a sneaky team this year.  Not to mention they have the number 1 overall pick.  So who does that leave really?

Well I’ll tell you who I think is the worst team going into the season right now and that would be the New York Jets.


Yes, those J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS.  Not going to be saying it that much this year with the way things are looking.  For starters they are trying to deal away their best player to get some picks and relieve some cap space.  It hasn’t happened yet, but all signs point to it happening at least no later than the draft.  They come off of a season with a poor showing and it’s been getting worse each season after Mark Sanchez‘s first two seasons making AFC Championship runs.  They keep dealing away their offensive stars to give Sanchez nothing to work with.  Also you could say Sanchez has started to regress some too.  Yes their mindset is building through the draft like most top teams do, but let’s be honest; the Jets have never really had the best luck at drafting players over their entire history.

So how do they fix this problem of slipping and try to save their coach’s job?  First, you have to get Sanchez some weapons.  He needs to have someone relevant to throw too and hand the ball too.  If he has no one than you can expect no offense to be generated from the Jets.  Rex Ryan is a defensive minded guy, but he still needs more pieces to be able to have an effective defense.  This is when the offense comes into play still though, because if you add weapons to the offense, they can stay on the field more and give the defense a chance to rest making the defense more effective when they are on the field.  It all goes hand in hand.  Until they can do this the Jets will continue to wallow in the bottom of their division, with the way the Patriots, Dolphins, and Bills are looking, and the league especially.

I don’t see it being pretty for the Jets next season and would peg them as the worst team right now heading into the 2013 season.  I just look around the league and see everyone trying to get better except the Jets.  They are the only poor team from a year ago not trying to get better and that’s why I would say they will be at the bottom for this next season.  Be on the lookout for my choice of the best team right now, that one is going to be much tougher, but I will narrow it down to one eventually.  Until then, let me know who you think is the worst right now.

-Preston, gsuwolfman13



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