Drugs too Auburn? Say it ain’t So…


Yes, it is so.  In the recent Auburn scandal, ESPN has reported that prior to the 2011 BCS National Championship game, 12 Auburn players including the game’s MVP Michael Dyer failed drug tests for the synthetic marijuana known as “spice.”  They still played in the game.  These issues have just surfaced and were reportedly kept quiet by even the highest level of the university.

Oh dear, this is going to get real bad real quick.  Hard evidence for this is being found and you can just “smell” the sanctions on the way.  All this and the whole Cam Newton thing is apparently still clean, wouldn’t surprise me one bit though if something came in on that.  As it is, that is still ok, but everything else, mostly coming from that season is looking very dirty.  Its looking like the “All In” literally meant, everyone “All In” to win the title and nothing would stop that.  Well the university it self saw to it that nothing stood in their football team’s way of becoming national champions.  Even if it was playing their players illegally.

This Chizik regime is looking like it was nothing more than one big nightmare.  You can only sweep things under the rug so long before you can’t anymore and things get out.  Updates on this keep surfacing and will continue to surface.  We’ll keep you updated as it goes along.  Can anything save the Tigers now?  It doesn’t look like it.


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8 thoughts on “Drugs too Auburn? Say it ain’t So…

  1. That year was Oregon’s best (and maybe only) chance to win a National Championship. The synthetic marijuana doesn’t affect the game, so Oregon fans can’t be sore about that… However, paying players to not go into the draft. Building a team by bribing them then having that team win by a field goal against the best Oregon team ever assembled… That’s complete crap. Even if Auburn has to forfeit the NC, the trophy isn’t going to go to who deserved it (if the pay-to-play rumors end up being true).

    1. Yeah the main thing that’s going to affect all that will be if all the bribing and grade changing is in fact true. If it is, you can expect some heavy sanctions to come crashing down on them. It would be most unjust to Oregon definitely because in the end looking back, that should be their championship then, but even if Auburn has to forfeit it, it won’t mean Oregon is national champions. that whole season would just be void then.

      1. I know. That is the unjust part. That as happy as Oregon fans will be for Auburn losing the NC, they will still know that it should have been their’s. I can understand why the rules don’t give it to Oregon, but it’s still unfair to lose to a team whose cheat affected their play on the field. Paying players to play for your school falls in that category for me. So does changing grades to make players eligible. The Auburn team that SHOULD have been on the field would have looked very different than the one that barely won the National Championship.

      2. That is very true, sad for Oregon that they didn’t get a fair fight and a fair chance at winning it, and that they won’t be crowned the national champions. Sucks that they ended up playing and losing for nothing really. Yes that Auburn team that would’ve been on the field more than likely would not have pulled that one out because several key members would not have been playing. Cheating to win just sucks the enjoyment and the “purity” of sports that we all think it is. It just tarnishes the game is what it does. Sad that everybody can’t just play by the rules all that time.

      3. I just can’t help but feel that Oregon’s chances of winning a NC left with Chip Kelley, but I would love to be proven wrong. Oregon is a good story. They really capitalized when USC went down.

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