Auburn Busted? What it All Means


As of yesterday, it was reported by Selena Roberts of that Auburn had been bribing players, changing their grades to make them eligible for games and committed NCAA recruiting violations.  It was reported that 3 of the players from the 2011 BCS National Championship team said they had their grades changed so they could be eligible for the big game.  The most notable that had his grades changed was National Championship MVP Michael Dyer.  The bribing with money was to keep rising senior players from leaving for the NFL Draft early and to return for their senior year.  All this occurring under the Gene Chizik regime.  Some events that were reported occurred even before Chizik’s time at Auburn.  That would be former defensive coordinator, now Florida head coach, Will Muschamp was said to be in giving money to players too even though in recent develops he denies giving out money to players.  Now, reports are saying that players were misquoted and the reports were wrong so who knows what to believe right now.

Let’s say this is true, what does it mean for Auburn?  Well for starters you can expect some serious NCAA sanctions to come down on this program that is already trying to climb it self out of a deep hole.  Cheating grades, bribing players and committing recruiting violations are huge allegations and big no-nos that would definitely warrant some loss of scholarships and loss of bowl games in my opinion.  This would certainly cripple the program and in the worst time when they are trying to start a new coaching era and get moving in the upward direction.

Now, my question is, was now Auburn head coach, former Auburn offensive coordinator under Chizik, Gus Malzahn involved in it?  Right now I wouldn’t say that he was apart of it, that would mean he is returning to the scene of the crime, he wouldn’t do that would he?  I would certainly hope not but who knows at this point.

Even more important is the integrity of the University and the Auburn program as a whole is at stake, if in fact it is all true, it would be a major injustice to everyone that football players didn’t earn the grades but were still allowed to play.  The bribing would certainly look just as bad as well trying to keep Auburn players from leaving the program early and the recruiting violations on top of it all makes it look even worse.


What should happen from this if it is all true?  Well I say if there ever was a time to go “All In” Auburn fans, it is right now.  Support for your team, program and university, those who were not involved, is more important now than ever.  I guess your new slogan could be something like “All In for the Future” or “All In Moving Forward” or something like that.  Either way the Chizik regime is over but not soon enough it looks like, because he has done more harm than good.  Be happy at least that he is out and won’t be returning.  Hope that the Auburn program can retain it’s pride and integrity and can move on from these bad events.

Updates will be reported when they come out.  If you want to read into further detail about the story click on the links below.

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