Greg Reid: Draft Prospect Preview


Remember this guy?  The once play maker for the Florida State Seminoles, cornerback Greg Reid, will be going into the draft trying to keep the ship that is his career from sinking.

Reid was at Florida State until he was kicked off the team before the start of his senior season.  He was kicked off because of violating team rules after being arrested for the second time while at Florida State; yeah I would say that’s warrants for his removal of the team.  Reid would transfer to play at Valdosta State, but would injure his knee, tearing his ACL, before the season started and was out for the entire year.  So he didn’t even get to play his senior year, but yet he was still invited to the NFL Combine which shows how much talent and potential this guy does have.

At Florida State Reid showed everyone the kind of player that he could be, a great one.  The ability to lock-down anyone and make fantastic plays on the defense as well.  He would finish with 7 career interceptions and 32 career passes knocked down, showing that he has the ability to force turnovers.  He was also a very dangerous return man which makes him an even more valuable commodity.  More of a punt returner, he had 3 career touchdowns and averaged at least 10 yards a return each season.  His ability to be a dangerous returner is something that can separate him from other players being selected in the draft.

He doesn’t possess world-class speed, but he does have the speed to run with receivers down the field.  He is a very instinctive player and has great awareness on the field.  His natural football instincts allow him to always find himself around the ball and give him a chance to make plays.  Being an excellent punt returner, he is very dangerous with the ball in his hands and any time he gets his hands on the ball he can go the distance.  He lacks in physicality and strength making him a pure cover corner, which can hurt his ability to press guys at the line which is something he’ll need to work on.  He is coming off of a major knee injury which makes for some question marks on his durability.  I mean Darrelle Revis, the best corner in the NFL, is coming off an ACL injury and they are questioning his ability.  Reid also has off the field issues he will need to clean up before people can really trust him.  He needs to prove early on that he can stay out of trouble.  Even so, he has the talent that some teams will not be willing to pass up.

I project him as an early to mid 6th rounder because of his recent history with injuries and trouble off the field.  He has 2nd to maybe even 1st round talent but his durability and decision-making leave a lot in question.  If he can straighten his off the field problems out and get back on track, and prove he is healthy, he can be quite a late round steal for someone.  A deep sleeper in this draft, Reid has the potential to get back to his old FSU playing ways.  If he does, some team that took a chance on him will be very happy.


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