Umenyiora Officially a Dirty Bird


Well it is finally official; Osi Umenyiora will be bringing his talents to the A-Town and begin soaring as a Dirty Bird.

According to ESPN, the Falcons and Umenyiora agreed to terms and signed a deal that is reported to be a 2 year deal worth 8.5 million and 5 million of that guaranteed.  So there you go Falcons’ fans, you get your big time defensive lineman to help bolster the defense.  This was definitely a much needed signing for Atlanta because we can all attest that the defense was what needed the most work for the Falcons.  Already signing Steven Jackson and retaining Tony Gonzalez and William Moore, you can say this has already been a very successful off season for the Falcons.

In 129 games for the Giants, Umenyiora produced 75 sacks and was a very productive player for the Giants.  He will definitely give them a consistent pass rush and is a great fit to fill the void from John Abraham being released.  Adding him to a defense that already has Asante Samuel and William Moore in the secondary and Sean Weatherspoon at linebacker really gives this defense the potential to be a solid unit, at least good enough to win many games behind that offense they have in place.

So be excited fans, a native of Georgia already, he wants to play for Atlanta to win Super Bowls because he knows with the way this team is looking, the chances are very good.  I would have to agree, they are going to be very dangerous on offense and with signing Umenyiora, it shows me they are serious about having a good defense and making this a complete team.


6 thoughts on “Umenyiora Officially a Dirty Bird

  1. The curse of our blogger Steezie’s jersey collection strikes again! Sad to see Osi leave town, but he’s always been a class individual for the Giants. Best of luck to him in Atlanta – enjoy the strip sacks. There’ll be plenty of them.

    1. Just have him get a Osi Falcons jersey and he’ll be back in a year or so, haha I mean it is only a 2 year deal. Yeah, that’s what Atlanta should be excited about, the sacks leading to turnovers, he will create lots of plays for sure.

    1. Yeah it definitely is, a pick up they need. They definitely did the right thing replacing Abraham in free agency with a proven talent in Umenyiora, instead of just sitting back and trying to replace him through the draft.

    1. It should pay off quite nicely for the Falcons. Another move that just makes this team that much better. They are quickly becoming a Super Bowl favorite in my opinion.

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