Tiger On Top, Once Again

After an impressive showing at Bay Hill, Tiger Woods is number 1 in the world again, time to take notice.

Tiger woodsWell the golf world just got it’s wish, it’s arguably greatest player in the history of the game, is back as the number 1 ranked player in the world, and just in time for The Masters, how convenient that is.  So sports world you can take notice of golf again because the best is back on top of his game.  Nothing has been more polarizing in golf than Tiger Woods being at the top of his game, dominating  competition, wowing us with his talent and others on tour giving Tiger their best shot to knock him off.  That has always made for the best golf and the most watched.  I’m sure the ratings for golf could attest to that as well.

So how has Tiger reclaimed this spot you might ask?  It is obviously his recent announcement of dating Olympic downhill skier Lindsey Vonn.  His statement on a recent question asked from a reporter about his new relationship with Vonn, “Its great dating her, I’m more relaxed, and I am myself again, everything is just going to be downhill from here.”  Ah see what I did there?  Now this is obviously made up and not an accurate report at all, but funny to think that’s what he could be thinking right?

Watching him though, Tiger appears to be more relaxed and he does look like his old self again, being healthy helps as well.  This is certainly scary for everyone else on the tour.  All this was evidenced today and this past weekend as he just polished off his 8th career Arnold Palmer Invitational victory at Bay Hill, tying Sam Snead for the most wins at a single tournament.  He has been hitting the ball like ‘Vintage Tiger’ once again and you know his confidence has to be high with that performance at Bay Hill.  His recent resurgence on the golf course, putting him back at the number 1 world ranking, is undoubtedly the reason for his quick rise back to the top.

Tiger woods 2

I would say he has got the “eye of the tiger” right now with the way he is playing; he is really in the zone.  I promise, that’s the last pun but you had to know that one was coming.  You can’t deny the best golf is sure to be heading our way because when Tiger is on top you also get the best out of everyone else on the course with everybody gunning for him.  With the way he is locked in, he is sure to start getting back to winning majors like he always did, and from what I have been seeing lately, there’s no doubt that he will.


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