Round of 32 Madness Recap

The Round of 32 is now complete and the trend of ‘madness’ has continued to highlight the tournament.  Top seeds continue to fall victim to the lower seeds and the pressure of being a top seed, while the lower seeds continue to make their names known across the country.  Let’s take a look at what transpired this past weekend.



The most impressive team continues its dominance in this tournament and I’m not talking about the traditional basketball powers in Duke, Indiana and Kansas, I’m talking about the Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles.  That’s right, FGCU has knocked off the two highest seeds they can face so far, in Georgetown and San Diego State, and they utterly beat down both of them which put them in the Sweet 16 against the 3 seed Florida Gators.  This is the first time a 15 seed has made it to the Sweet 16 ever in the tournament history.



Other lower seeds had their day as well in the Round of 32 in Wichita State Shockers and the La Salle Explorers.  The Shockers knocked off the 1 seed Gonzaga Bulldogs, a much thought overrated 1 seed but nonetheless it is a very accomplishing feat for Wichita State.  The 13 seed La Salle Explorers beat the 12 seed SEC Champion Ole Miss Rebels in an exciting finish where La Salle’s Tyrone Garland made a lay-up with 2 seconds left to lift his team to the Sweet 16 to face the 9 seed Shockers.  Another lower seed that progressed to the Sweet 16 was those fashion clad 12 seed PAC 12 Champion Oregon Ducks who disposed of 4 seed bracket dark horse St. Louis Billikens.

Top seed teams that easily took care of their opponents include Michigan, Michigan State, Florida, Louisville, Arizona, Kansas, and Duke.  All these teams easily advanced on to the Sweet 16 and looked impressive in each of their games.  The teams that had to work a little harder were Miami, Marquette, a team that has become used to these nail-biting, exciting finishes, Ohio State, Indiana, and Syracuse all faced scares in the Round of 32 that certainly threatened their current existence in this tournament.  Nevertheless, they passed the tests and are still alive and that’s all that matters, winning so they can advance.  Maybe these tough tests prove to be more help for later in the tournament, but that of course remains to be seen.

After the Round of 32, there are 3 no. 1 seeds, 3 no. 2 seeds (too bad one of these aren’t Georgetown, oh well), 3 no. 3 seeds, 2 no. 4 seeds and 1 each of a no. 6, 9, 12, 13, 15 seed.  So even though there has been a lot of madness, the Sweet 16 is still loaded with top traditional powers.  An exciting Sweet 16 is sure to ensue this weekend we’ll get a clearer picture of who is most deserving of the title.  A Sweet 16 preview will be posted later this week and take a look at each of the games that are going to take place.  With my bracket busted, along with most of the nation’s brackets, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy these games unfold without a care in the world.  Let the madness continue.


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