Georgia Southern and Appalachian State headed to FBS


These rivals are headed to the Sun Belt conference in the FBS.

Monday, March 25, 2013, these two schools were accepted into the Sun Belt conference and are both rich in history. These two rivals actually became appealing to the Sun Belt as they said they wanted to add an already existing rival. Appalachian State was made popular when they defeated #2 Michigan on the opening weekend of the 2007 season to shock the world. Georgia Southern is famous, especially in the south because of the visions of Erk Russell, former UGA defensive coordinator, who jump started the football program and won 3 national championships for the Eagles. They also have a large following due to now Georgia Tech Head Coach Paul Johnson, who won 2 national championships for GSU in the FCS, bringing in his famous spread triple option attack, which is still there today. The Southern Conference is losing its top two programs of recognition, this will be hard for them to replace. These two schools will completely join in 2015, with a transition-type schedule in 2014, and the 2013 schedule will go unchanged.


This is great news for the state of Georgia, as they will now have four FBS teams to belong to the state. Georgia State is also joining the Sun Belt, just a year sooner, so by the fall they will be playing in the FBS as well. This will put the state of Georgia in the same conversation as Texas, Florida, and California in college football as they have already established themselves on the high school level.


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