Alabama AD has Stepped Down


The man who hired Nick Saban is leaving  Alabama.

Mal Moore has stepped down as University of Alabama‘s Athletic Director, potentially the most decorated  AD in the nation with a championship ring for each finger and his thumb as a player, assistant coach or even administrator. He is stepping down from his position to be a special assistant to the University of Alabama president Judy Bonner.

He played and coached under one of the most heralded head coaches of all of college football history, the legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant, as well as hired one in Nick Saban. These men both have won many games and championships for this juggernaut of an athletic program. One could argue he made the best hire of college football history, as Saban has lead his teams to 3 out of the last 4 National Championships. This run has almost been unprecedented, except fot the aforementioned Bear Bryant.

Mal Moore

Moore has served his Alma mater well throughout his lifetime and should be celebrated for all he has done for his university. He has been there through the good and bad times and has made necessary renovations to their facilities. He would not give up, even after the probation sentence, he ended up landing Saban after a long dreadful search for a high-profile coach to restore the order and put the Crimson Tide back on top again. So to Moore, we all say Roll Tide!


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