Madness Ensues In Second Round

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The second round wrapped up yesterday with the Round of 32 starting today and it already has everyone tearing up their brackets, especially me since my National Champion pick, Georgetown, decided to not show up and bow out yesterday.  I’m sure with this game, it officially ended everyone’s perfect bracket.  I would like to think that I’m not the only one that ripped it up after Florida Gulf Coast upended the Hoyas.  This one has to be the upset of the tournament so far, with a 15 seed upsetting a 2 seed.  Even with the frustration of my bracket already being destroyed, I still am quite excited for the rest of the tournament and how it is going to unfold.

Another major upset that probably had people pulling out their hair was the 12 seed Ole Miss Rebels beating the 5 seed Wisconsin Badgers.  I should’ve known that the day was going to be a rough one for my bracket as this one unfolded.  The Ole Miss Rebels just flat-out beat Wisconsin, even with their star Marshall Henderson starting out on a rough start.  Nonetheless he came on strong towards the end and helped lead the Rebels to a very impressive win.

Who would’ve thought La Salle would’ve kept going on? I don’t think many people did, but they certainly showed they got what it takes to win in the tournament.  They’ve won two games now and knocking off the 4 seed Kansas State Wildcats.  I thought Kansas State was a little overrated as a 4 seed, but I would be lying if I said they would fall to the 13 seed La Salle Explorers.  Other upsets include 14 seed Harvard upsetting the 3 seed New Mexico Lobos, a team that experts picked as a dark horse in the tournament and possibly make it to the Final Four.  Well after yesterday, that certainly will not happen.  Also the 12 seed California Bears upended the 5 seed UNLV Rebels, another team that people picked to be somewhat of a dark horse in the tournament.

Close calls in the tournament so far were Marquette pulling off the comeback against Davidson.  One that I found particularly interesting I might say, Davidson winning big and then Marquette, the worst team in 3-point field goal percentage in the tournament, started hitting 3’s.  They got within one and Davidson turned it over and Marquette would lay it in with a second left to pull off the comeback.  The other one was Memphis edging out St. Mary’s, erasing another potential upset that would’ve taken place in the tournament.

A team that certainly impressed in their tournament opener was Syracuse winning by a total of 47 points over Montana.  Have to say I didn’t watch any of it because the outcome was almost a formality.  Louisville, Michigan, St. Louis, Wichita State, Miami, Iowa State, San Diego State were among others that all had very lopsided wins and really put down their best foot forward.  They took their opponents seriously in their first game, something that Georgetown should’ve taken note of I’m sure.  Maybe they wouldn’t have fallen victim to playing down to the competition, and maybe my bracket would still be alive.  As it is though, whether your bracket is still alive or not, be sure to tune in to all the great action.  The madness is sure to continue.


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