Heat aren’t the Only Ones


Don’t look now, but the Denver Nuggets are surging and riding a 14 game winning streak going into their game tonight against the Kings.  Overlooked by the streak of 25 by the Miami Heat, the Nuggets have quietly put together a run that has moved them into 3rd place in the Western Conference standings with a record of 48-22 and just 3 games behind the Thunder in the Northwest Division.  A very dangerous team, especially at home where they have posted a 31-3 record in the Pepsi Center, the Nuggets are quickly showing they are one of the best teams in the game and could be a team that could really challenge the Heat if they were able to face them in the NBA Finals.

The Nuggets don’t have your prototypical lead star or stars like such teams as the Heat, Thunder, and Spurs, but their whole cast of players play together just as good as those teams with those stars.  Led by point guard Ty Lawson, they exemplify a fast, quick paced attack that as soon as you blink, they will score on you.  One of the top teams in scoring and rebounds, they can beat anyone in the league and have been doing so over their recent 14 game stretch.  It seems like every night it is someone different, whether it’s Gallinari hitting a big 3, McGee making a posterizing dunk, Iguodala with the big steal, or Kenneth Faried, well being the ‘Manimal’, out working everyone on the floor.  They are certainly proving that it does not take a cast of lead stars to get it done and be one of the best teams in the game right now.

They are being overlooked to some degree but do not sleep on this team.  They will be one of the top 4 seeds in the West which will give them home court advantage early on.  This team at home, in the high altitude, can really do some damage and dispose of anyone in the playoffs.  Regardless of home court or not, these guys are for real and should be included in the top teams in the NBA along with the Heat, Spurs, Thunder, and Clippers.  For anyone that has to play them, be afraid of this team, be very afraid.



2 thoughts on “Heat aren’t the Only Ones

  1. The Nuggets are absolutely a team to be reckoned with in the west. The Spurs struggle against youth and quickness, and Denver’s got a winning record against the top seeds in the West.

    1. Yeah they are playing the best West basketball right now and if they could continue to win, they have a chance to close ground on the top two teams and who knows, maybe get that number 1 seed.

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