Braves Offense key to NL East



Jason Heyward seems to be on a new level as he embraces the new offseason acquisitions.


This year in spring training, the Atlanta Braves are enjoying brotherly love. This is not saying they like the Philadelphia Phillies, rather they like their new outfielders, who are brothers, B.J. and Justin Upton. B.J. is leading the league so far in hits and average, and Justin isn’t disappointing with 4 homeruns and 2 of them were in Monday’s game. These two plus Heyward equal what could be the best outfield in the MLB but at least one of the most exciting.

The outfield is garnering most of the attention from the spring, but one of the main questions for the Braves was “Who is going to replace Chipper?” The third base platoon of Juan Francisco and Chris Johnson has produced 8 homeruns and over 20 RBIs. Francisco being a lefty and Johnson a righty,  makes the decision to make them a platoon seamless  as they are both hitting around .350 this spring.

freeman uggla

The mainstays of this group like Heyward and first baseman Freddie Freeman as well as shortstop Andrelton Simmons, who was in the World Baseball Classic playing on the Netherlands, are being overshadowed by the new additions, but are not being outplayed. Simmons and Freeman both hit 2 homeruns yesterday against the Pirates, in Simmons first game back. This gives Freeman 7 homeruns for the spring so far with the 2 yesterday and one on Monday, the offense has scored 35 runs in the last 2 games.

This talented lineup projects as this: SS Simmons, RF Heyward, LF J. Upton, 1B Freeman, CF B.J. Uton, C McCann, 2B Uggla, 3B Francisco/Johnson. This could be the best offensive linup in the National League and even the majors.

So come on Braves Country and tell us if you are excited!


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