Designated Hitter to the National League?


It’s the bottom of the second, the number eight hitter has just been intentionally walked to load the bases with 2 outs, and the Braves are threatening to score some early runs.  So who do you want coming to the plate? Chipper Jones or Paul Maholm?  Well being the Braves and playing in the National League, pitcher Paul Maholm comes to the plate and he strikes out, inning over, still 0-0 going to the top of the third.  An exciting inning quickly turned into a very anti-climatic sequence of events that really, with a Designated Hitter in place, has a chance to be a little more entertaining and more productive for your team.

That’s what we are here to express to you, is that the National League needs to adopt the Designated Hitter and end this “experiment” with this rule and make it permanent for both leagues.  This does not compromise the tradition of the game and can only enhance the enjoyment of getting to watch more hitters produce than watching pitchers strike out.  Especially starting this year with inter-league play year around, it just makes sense.  Yes, the NL holds firm that it’s tradition for the pitcher to bat, to possibly create more strategy in the game, but to enhance the brand of Major League Baseball, they need to adapt to the times and adopt the DH.  In this day and era, offense is what garners the attention, not the sacrifice bunt.  Just taking a quick look around other leagues, for example the NFL, people want to see beautiful touchdown throws, not 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

Just think if this was in place, say five years ago, think about how many games Chipper could have played and be healthy, and also save his body for the future.  The Braves could still have him in their lineup possibly for the next few years as well, because let’s all be honest, we all know he can still hit.  It’s the wear and tear on the body from playing the field everyday that has worn him down quicker and made him more injury prone.  Think about him in the lineup now with the Upton brothers, and Jason Heyward…yeah, that could have been a possibility if he didn’t have to go out there and play third everyday to stay in the lineup.  Also, another player affected by this is Brian McCann, this is a contract year for him and he is 29 years old, and approaching his 1,000th called game, the usual drop off for a major league catcher.  The odds of him being resigned are not that great because his best years are essentially used up and moving him to first is out of the question because the young and upcoming Freddie Freeman is in place there for a while.  He can still hit and is the Braves most consistent hitter when he is healthy and in the lineup.  With a DH in place, just imagine the damage the offense could create.  There still is a chance for McCann to be saved by the DH, but it needs to happen fast or he will be well on his way out, to more than likely, the American League.

Speaking of switching from National League to American League, what future All-Time great and Hall of Famer has just recently made the switch?


That would be former Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols going to the Los Angeles Angels on a 10 year deal.  “Oh that’s ludicrous! A 10 year deal?!? He’ll be an old man and retired by year 5!”  That’s when we say, and the Angels organization says, “No, he’ll just become our Designated Hitter and still bat .300 with 30+ Homeruns and 100 RBIs every year.”  A move smart by the Angels and Pujols himself, the Angels get a great bat for the next ten years and Pujols gets security in his career because it’s a 10 year deal and he knows when they are done with him playing first base, he will just simply move to DH.

So come on Major League Baseball, see the value in making the Designated Hitter a rule for both leagues because it can extend these greats careers of players without them having to move to a different league.  And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see more excitement in the game?

We’ve made our stance known, now let us know what you think!  What is the better option?


Article written by gsuwolfman13 and hammockd29





13 thoughts on “Designated Hitter to the National League?

  1. The National League has it right. If you’re in the game, you’d better be prepared to pick up a bat and swing. All the DH position does is allow people with no ability to play the field to make millions of dollars. (We’re looking at you, Edgar Martinez.)

    1. Thanks for commenting, true, it does allow for guys who can’t play defense to make millions for just hitting but it can prolong the careers of those who become a liability in the field but can still hit. I just think it makes it more of an exciting game when there aren’t automatic outs coming to the plate all the time, especially in big moments in the game. The pitcher can give us those great moments every once in awhile with a hit in a crucial at bat but the majority of the time it’s a very uneventful out.

      1. Haha that has a lot of truth to it, he definitely used his ability to hit to over stay his welcome in the MLB, he used his hitting to kind of attempt to mask his struggling pitching career.

      2. Haha yeah exactly, it’s always disappointing to pay that much for something and it doesn’t turn out to be all that it was cracked up to be. Being stuck under that contract hurt them for some time.

      3. You would need to go under Links on your Dashboard, add new, find the category Blogroll. Then add the Blogroll to your homepage in Widgets. It’s complicated. I barely figured it out. lol

  2. I agree on the longevity of players and extending there careers. I also agree the excitment of the games would increase, I can’t tell you how many Braves games I’ve been to and there is a runner on second and third then the pitcher either strikes out or grounds out to short. Now I am in the younger generation and I can’t speak to much about the purity of the game being messed with but I love seeing homeruns and RBI’s.

    1. Yeah, I would much rather see an actual hitter come up in a big spot instead of it being a pitcher and being an easy out for the opposing team. I think that is something everyone loves seeing is more homeruns and RBIs and you don’t get that with pitchers coming up every 9 batters or so. As far as the purity of the game, I just think its time for the times to change and grow with the newer era. Plus, then both leagues would be on the same page.

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