Going Streaking! Can Heat Be Stopped?

The video above perfectly describes the dominance that has been exerted by the Miami Heat during their historic run.

Now that you have seen that, you understand the way the Miami Heat have been able to impose their will on literally everyone this season, as they have beaten everyone this year at least once.  They have been especially daunting in this modest 23 game winning streak that they have put together.  After last night’s come from behind victory over their arch rivals, the Boston Celtics, they have claimed sole possession of second all-time in NBA winning streaks at 23 games straight, still trailing the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers who had a 33 game winning streak.  After watching them get past the Celtics last night, and continuing to either blow teams out or defy the odds to come from behind and break team’s hearts, my question is simply this, can anyone stop the Heat?

Stopping the Heat does not just mean ending the streak but also a team being able to beat them in a seven game series.  I just do not see any team that can make that happen.  Sure, teams have gotten up for that one game against the Heat and beat them, because they do have losses on their schedule but on this historic run they have been denying teams time after time.  They have been beating playoff contenders such as the Thunder, Clippers, Grizzlies, Pacers, Knicks, and most recently the Celtics.  Yes, their streak will more than likely come to an end at some point, they probably will stumble somewhere or even get blown out, but for the importance of this historic run, do I think they are going to get to 34 games and break the streak?  I would have to say yes, yes they will. 


These guys are the main reason why they can do it, and their schedule does help them the rest of the way as well.

Their schedule is pretty favorable the rest of the way and with the next 4 games against the Cavaliers, Pistons, Bobcats, and Magic, you have to think they will get to 27 games.  After that they get the Bulls, who in my opinion are slipping a bit and that should be a win over a team with a lack luster offense putting them at 28.  Then I would say they beat the Hornets to make it 29 and then going for 30 against the Spurs.  This would be a high-profile game that could feature Tony Parker returning for the Western Conference leaders.  That could pose some problems for the Heat because of the veteran experience of the Spurs, but I think they can will themselves, like in so many of these other games, and edge out a victory putting them at 30.  After that it would be the faltering Knicks, Bobcats, 76ers, and then the Bucks for the record-breaking 34th straight win. 

The rest of the schedule after that is light, with the exception of the Celtics and Bulls again, and could make for an interesting last few weeks if they get this far.  Some questions will be asked if they should rest guys or keep playing to keep the streak alive.  I would say keep going for it in my opinion, keep trying to win because that’s always the goal right?  For now though, let’s enjoy history unfolding right in front of us and watching these guys night after night, we’ll cross that bridge if we get there.


3 thoughts on “Going Streaking! Can Heat Be Stopped?

  1. The streak is growing… we here at the Sideline MOB think it’ll go 29 games and then end with their game at San Antonio March 31st. (We hope the streak being at 23 doesn’t make LeBron go nuts with any more Jordan comparisons.)

    1. Yes it is growing. That is the dangerous one that could give them fits, especially if Tony Parker is back by then. That is the main thing that I am getting tired of, the comparisons between him and MJ, one guy in the middle of his career compared to someone who has completed their career. Not really a valid comparison. MJ and Lebron have won their first title at around the same age, so if there are any comparisons, it should be based on their careers only as far as Lebron’s has gone, like based on age, not as if they are both completed.

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