Final Four, National Champion Predictions


Well the bracket has been set and my picks are in and I have to admit, some were picked based on a flip of the coin..and you think I’m kidding.  It was definitely one of the more difficult brackets to pick but I managed to get through it and can say that I feel as confident as ever, but like every other year, other than when I picked UConn to win it all a few years ago, I have proceeded to rip it all up around the Sweet 16.  So without further ado, my Final Four picks and my National Champion revealed.

Out of the Midwest bracket, I decided that I would go with “the chalk” on this one.  That’s right, going with the number 1 seed Big East Champion Louisville Cardinals to some out of this region.  They have the star in Russ Smith that can put them on his back and distribute and score with the best of them.  They have been on a tear lately and the confidence of coming out of one of the best conferences as the conference champion can only help them make their ‘march’.

Onto the West bracket, I have chosen to go with the number 2 seed Big Ten Champion Ohio State Buckeyes.  How can you deny these guys are one of the most dangerous teams in the nation?  Riding an 8 game winning streak that includes wins over Indiana, Michigan State, and Wisconsin and a conference title, they have shown they can make the run deep into the tourney.  Led by their point guard Aaron Craft, a player I have watched and can say he is, well, ‘crafty’.  Nearly averaging 10 points a game, he is an efficient scorer and just a smart team player that always seems to put his team and teammates in great position to be successful.

Now for the South Region, and for this pick I am going with the number 2 seed Georgetown Hoyas.  Georgetown has really caught my eye lately, playing some of the best defense of any team out there and led by their star Otto Porter Jr.  Playing in one of the best conferences also helps their credibility when trying to make a run in the tournament.  Not one of the better scoring teams which can be their hiccup, but when you have a star like Porter Jr. and can play defense like they do, you are going to have a shot at beating anyone.

Lastly, for the East region I am going with the number 1 seed Indiana Hoosiers.  I feel they are going to make a run and avenge their disappointing Big Ten championship tournament run.  They can score with Zeller and Oladipo, helping their team be 3rd in the nation in points per game and are one of the best at defensive field goal percentage.  They have all the ingredients to really make a run at it and I feel they could really make a statement winning their region.

Now for my National Champion picks, I have chosen the Louisville Cardinals and the Georgetown Hoyas.  These two play in one of the best conferences and know what it takes to run through the gauntlet of a schedule.  These two are primed for a championship run.   They can play some ‘D’ and have the star player to lead them all the way, with that being said I have chosen to go with the Georgetown Hoyas as my National Champion.  I think they ride their star Otto Porter Jr. and that stout defense to a National Championship.  Having that star is important in making a run and like they always say, offense wins you games, but defense wins you championships.





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