St. Patty’s Day Selection Sunday


Well today is the day, break out your green and break out your brackets because it is a St. Patty’s Day Selection Sunday.  As the conference tournaments finish up this afternoon, the field of 68 is starting to come into focus.  Although it is becoming clearer with who will be participating in the Tournament, it is still as cloudy as to who the number 1 seeds will be as the last remaining 4 to get in.  Excitement is sure to be on the horizon this year as there are no clear-cut favorites to make a run, this is going to be literally a ‘flip of the coin’ kind of tournament.  Expect madness beyond anything we have experienced during this wonderful sporting event.

As soon as you thought teams like Duke, Georgetown, and Indiana had locked up number 1 seeds, they go out and perform less than to be desired in their conference tournaments and leave their number 1 seeds in question.  They may still nab number 1 seeds, but who knows for sure now.  Then you have teams like Ole Miss, Liberty, and La Selle, who essentially come out of nowhere to officially punch their ticket or at least slip into the last 4 in.  I know I am building with excitement with anticipation for this years upcoming tournament.  People may say that it had watered down the talent pool because these players staying for one year and then jumping to the NBA, but I say this has been one of the most exciting years because there is so much parody throughout the league.  It really makes the tournament that much more exciting because you won’t know whose going to win or go down next.  Granted there were way too many court stormings this year, making the act of storming the court very anti-climatic, but hey, that’s just how this year has gone with all the teams getting “upset” all year.  I mean Indiana lost 3 times as the number team in America, I don’t think that has ever happened.  Might be an example of there really being no true number 1 team in college basketball.

One thing is for certain though, the true number 1 team will be decided in April and there will be no questions about who it should be.  The team that can make the ‘march’ through the tournament will no doubt be the undisputed national champion.  Exciting times are abound for sure and I’ll be doing my last-minute cramming for filling out my bracket before the games get going.  I’ll be releasing my Final Four predictions and National Champion predictions in my next March Madness article.  When making your bracket, don’t be persuaded by anyone because there is really no team that does not have  a chance, go with your gut.  So get to your last-minute cramming, any last-minute Bracketology news and updates, and put on that green, don’t wanna be pinched this year.

Tonight you can catch the selection of the field of 68 on CBS at 6pm Eastern Time.  Tune in to watch who gets in and who gets left out.


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