Opening Day…Are We There Yet?


So, are we there yet?  No, sadly we are not, close but not quite there.  Not to overlook the excitement of March Madness, but now that Team USA is officially out of the World Baseball Classic, I have little to no interest in it anymore and let’s be real, Spring Training has run its course.  So I say, come on Opening Day, all of us baseball fans are anxiously awaiting your arrival.  Spring is here, which means summer is close behind and the weather is starting to get rather beautiful.  Is there anything like it? You can feel baseball in the air and we are ready for all of our teams to start their 162 game journey.  Everyone 0-0 and an equal chance at a run to a World Series…well, some better chances than others.  Marlins, Astros, you have to spend a little more money and have some more fans to have a chance, sorry, this just might not be your year.

So with this exciting Opening Day quickly approaching, I would like to give a little teaser of a prediction on division winners for the upcoming season.  Here we go, My AL East Champion has to be none other than the Toronto Blue Jays, I mean with that talent they have added, who could deny them right?  AL Central Champion has to be the reigning AL Champs, Detroit Tigers, because let’s be honest, they are still very talented and everyone else in their division still needs some work.  My AL West Champion has to be the LA Angels.  When you add Hamilton with Trout and Pujols, that gives them one of the most dangerous tandems in the game, watch out for them for sure.  NL East Champion is going to be the Atlanta Braves, Upton here! Upton here!  That’s all that needs to be said, plus I don’t trust the Nats because well, they are still the Nationals.  NL Central Champion is the St. Louis Cardinals because they just always find a way to get it done, and my NL West Champion is the LA Dodgers, with their talent they have, they have to hit their potential, right?

There you have it, my early run down of my predictions for division winners, let me know what you think.  Before the season gets started, I will give my final, official, full predictions though for the divisions, playoffs, champions and all.  So be on the lookout for that article before the season starts and be prepared to tell me who you got for the season that’s quickly approaching.  Until then, let March Madness distract you, I guess the WBC too if you are still invested, and before you know it, Opening Day, the warmest start to any sport, will be here.  I know I am excited for it, are you?


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