Will The ‘Butt Fumble’ Ever Be Dethroned?

butt fumble

Ah yes, the ‘butt fumble’ made famous by the one and only Mark Sanchez and his offensive lineman, Brandon Moore’s, butt.  I think nothing summed up the Jets season and the quickly falling career of Mark Sanchez more than this play that reigns champion as the Sportscenter Not Top 10 every week.  All sorts of plays have been up against it to only be utterly embarrassed by the misfortunes of the Jets QB.  I can watch this over and over and still literally ‘laugh out loud’ every time and still wonder in amazement at how this actually happened.  For those of you that have not seen this, you must go check it out, and you will know why it continues to be unbeaten as the Sportscenter Not Top 10 number 1.  My question is simply this, who or what kind of play could dethrone this giant of a not top 10 play?  I say, nothing can, I mean you can not recreate a play like this and could not have scripted it any more embarrassing.  A team buried in failure, involving a QB that is heading that way quickly as well, if not already there, and on top of that, it was turned into a touchdown in an utter beatdown against arguably their biggest rival, the Patriots.  Oh, and did I mention it was on national TV on Thursday night football Thanksgiving night?  All these ingredients make it a Not top 10 that will reign on as the greatest and never be dethroned in my opinion.  Let me hear what you think and is there really any scenario, any play involving anyone, that could dethrone this juggernaut?  I say no it will not happen, but if it does, I say long live the ‘butt fumble’.


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