Steven Jackson Taking His Talents to A-Town


Yes, Falcons fans you read that correctly, the former star at Oregon State and stud back for the St. Louis Rams has now agreed to terms with the Atlanta Falcons for a 3 year deal.  So get used to seeing this guy running towards the endzone for your beloved Falcons.  An offense that just got back it’s Hall of Famer at tight end Tony Gonzalez and ofcourse has Pro Bowlers Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Roddy White.  Dang, if I didn’t know any better, I would say that’s a lot of fire power.  Going to be even harder to beat Atlanta now, because they can really get back to being a more balanced attack with threats through the air and now on the ground.  Is this enough to push them over the top? It might just be, still need to really improve the defense though to stop teams like San Fran and New Orleans, but if one things for certain, Falcons fans, break out the Dirty Bird dance because this guy is going to be bringing in exciting times ahead for your franchise.


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