A Champion Dismantled


The excitement of winning a championship, only to be ripped away by free agency.

This offseason the Baltimore Ravens have been on the move, and I’m not referring to the parade following their Superbowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers. The defense knew they would have a new look this season before the playoffs, when Ray Lewis, the face of the franchise, told his teammates that this was his ‘last ride’. In addition to this loss, the defense lost it’s breakout pass rusher  OLB Paul Kruger to the Browns, the heir apparent ILB to replace Lewis, Dannell Ellerbe to the free agency Day 1 winners, the Miami Dolphins. This being a day after they traded away their most experienced receiver Anquan Boldin to the only other team with a coach named Harbough, their Superbowl opponent the 49ers for a 6th round draft pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Just after signing their quarterback Joe Flacco to the most lucrative contract in NFL history, they have been downgrading ever since, before the Boldin trade, they asked him to take a pay cut, which Flacco actually endorsed his go-to receiver to not do. This was unavoidable after locking up their guy to this 6 year $120.6 million contract and then trying to workout the cap room. This offseason could end up being even worse if safety Ed Reed decides to leave to another contender that might give him the deal he is looking for. This is typical of a reigning champion in free agency, they have to prioritize their players and sign them accordingly. We see where the Ravens have their priorities set.


2 thoughts on “A Champion Dismantled

  1. Trading Boldin was truly a mistake. I understand you have Rice but he can only do so much. They will not be a contender next year. Broncos all the way.

    1. Yes they should have kept Boldin, he was huge for them in the playoffs and I felt like they owed him some. Ravens are slipping, they got their ring with their older talent and it’s time to ship them out and build for the next era. This must be their mindset. Steelers and Bengals will be taking over the division and I wouldn’t sleep on Cleveland either, can’t believe I am even saying that.

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